Lil wayne(short video)

Funny. 3 Journalist against a black male, he probably smoked 4000 joints,
before he went into the interview. So called seasoned journalist.
Funny why? They just can´t box him to were the seasoned journalist want.
Smart guy this one, don´t agree with him in his lyrics or videos,
but he is Smart, and in this case, I agree with what he says on this mater.
I´m just a simple priest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Spanish Eminem

i’m the gangsta
although i lost my rasta
curly curly
hair in the chest
i’m so burly!!!
i’m going to battle
with the freaking cattle
cattle cattle
hate that animal gives me the givies hivies
cattle is
my battle
as a gangsta
i will shoot them up
with some spaghetti that is rot

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

P.S. What the fuck did I just write?….

Good music

God music… always depends on the people, hopefully we don’t all have the same taste.
By the way I’m the black guy with the glasses. Yep, I fooled you, I’m black so let’s
start, get your grove on and we all behind the computer start dancing….
Hey you! I saw you through my CIA connections and you are not dancing very good.
By the way, the lyrics sound true to my life. Most of them that is. And the girl is

Stay Frosty gents and yes I will add gentesses, with the condition that you women
give me a kiss. If not I take away the gentesse thing.

The Poet and the rapper

Moon shining above the clear black sky


The village people ask themselves
while they trim the carnations on the shelves
shelves of dark oak wood
shelves that reminded them of everything in life that is good

Moon shining above the clear black sky, in enters…..

The almighty
so nasty
gonna eat your pastry
see ya, believe in me ya he´s the master rapper
that becomes their pastor
spouting words for them to believe
destroying is what he wants to achieve
achieve the destroying
destroying is his thing
is the rapper capturing
the poet in his rafter 

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses