Hey President Reagan!(youtube video)

U.S. Armed Forces – We Must Fight – President Reagan (HD) 2013 – YouTube

And you would think I´m from the U.S. Lived there half my life, studied there, and came back to Spain to fight for  Spain. The truth, I just wanted to experience war, didn´t give a shit which country, would´ve prefer the U.S but I was there with a student visa which was…let´s say lost.Have 2 friends in the Marines though, or where cause now they´re out. Sounds crazy to want to experience war doesn´t it. Maybe I am. This video doesn´t glorify war that´s what I like it. But it does, at least to me, shows you reality. One thing is to show it, another thing is to truly comprehend it. And only one´s who have been there know it.   But it is a necessary evil.

Any way, in my current situation and I guess for everyone, you must fight in life. Fight or flight as the Americans say. Fight for a getting a job, or getting a promotion in your job, fight for your relationship if you really think is worth it, life is a constant battle. What distinguish the loosers from the not loosers, I won´t say winners because you can´t always win. But you have to fight and keep focus and move on, move on, learn from past experiences and leave them behind.