Poetry gone rarity(out of here today)

See? I have this “landlord lady”, she is (trying to make this short)
shit, I do know the real landlady and the landlord. He was the ex-governor
of this shit town. I know they read it. See it, greave bit.
So…what the fuck? This idiot bitch uses her “contacts” to basically fuck me,
Not the Real Landlord Lady/Men/ at this point…
I might have a joint.
She the unfortunate landlady, the one who lives 15 meters from my room,
got her “unique” friends to just fuck with me really.
How do this bitch and her bitches guys think I got the money out the of a bank?
And I truly believe they will entertain her in her react.
Those are fact.
I did tell her today ” Not gonna go good for you if you keep it up”
So shut the fuck up with taking out my internet that I pay not the other of her “friends”
And don´t piss me off when I´m sober, it can go wrong for your oger.
Punk this house(or me) and I will stay, because I know I can play, it, more than her and the guys
and gals she brings in without paying. That,
is a true saying.
Not playing.
but I could be the doing
your un-doing

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

( fucking writing for these ones?….. already told them verbally, but is good to have it oppenly)