Doctor Love. What men really want.

There is this blog by a woman(check it out) called datingdramasofathirtysomething, she´s fun to read. She wrote a piece called What woman really want, and I made the fateful error of commenting on it, so she challenged me on writing what guys wanted. So here you go, this is what guy´s want. I´ll go quick and to the point. And maybe a little crazy.(The letters you see in bold are hers, and then is my reply.)

1-If we love our mother,you love our mother. And the other way around, so you say woman express extreme opinion about other women…that´s the freaking problem, going down the middle of the road is not that bad of idea. Plus you put us in a situation where out of the blue the other girl is going to be pisses off because the guy went along with what the girl said. Screwby that.

2-To be told we´re beautiful. Not on the days when we are feeling low, because we know you´re saying it to make us feel better….Say it when you mean it. Maybe we do mean it when you get out of bed with your hair all rattle up, that is love.

3-..Being dependent on us is a strain we can´t always handle. We are not your mother. That would be a gay guy, but at the end of the day if you love a person you share things with them and support each other. Tell Bill Clinton and Hillary, tell me if those two were´nt dependent on each other to win, maybe this is a bit extreme example but somebody should understand it.

4-Answer the damn text message, Make the promised phone call.That would mean we are dependent on you, you don´t really want a guy that is constantly drooling over you.

5-To be proud of you. Don´t drink to much. Don´t embarrass us by drinking too much.. I can´t be a good candidate  to challenge this point, but I will say that you woman will be proud of your man even if he makes a dick of himself, that is love. Then in private you can smack him around, but in public defend your man. He won´t be always perfect, neither are you!!

6-Nothing is more attractive than laughter… Agreed, although there is a fine line by crossing to the side of becoming the joke of town. So we men have to be careful, and some man are not funny and girls find that sexy, and what the fuck….it´s not all black and white.

7-To be confident in our relationship. We may pretend that we don´t care what people think, but we do. Don´t openly flirt with our best friend in a room full of people… What if we are just being funny and cordial? It´s not flirting it´s being cordial you take it as being a dick and that is your insecurity, if you really believe and know your man love you and only you, you won´t even notice that.

8-To be kissed…and by someone who knows how….. That takes practice so if you get a guy who knows how to kiss you, it´s probably because he´s a man whore, like me, so you pretty much feel your way with whatever woman your with, make her see the stars.

11-We can smell bullshit a mile away. Do yourself a favour and don´t lie to us. Know this is a put down for men, we smell bullshit the same mile away, or maybe even more. Of course we´ll lie, and you know what you will believe it because you wan´t to believe it. Most of the time though.

I´m just writing little fragment´s from her post, and she has 15 points to make about men, there interesting and funny, so I´m being maybe a little…tell you the truth a can´t handle it more. I´m getting a headache. We don´t like to be told what to do, we are men and as men we rule, unfortunately for you we are the majority in the global world, meaning the successful majority. And at the end of the day girls will always be attracted to bad boys. And when I say bad boys I´m not referring to rock stars, I´m referring to a guy that has two good pair of balls, know how to take care of himself,is confident with himself, helps her in what she needs, and he´s the Alpha male. Period. That´s what the fuck is the love doctor is saying after I just got back again from the hospital. But when I saw that comment and challenge I had to write.