wondering about women

Humans fascinate me, me included. I´ll try to make it short….fuck that.

I´m not a Brad Pitt, but why do I have sex with a lot of women?
No idea and I´m thinking while blinking…sorry had to rhyme.
I have been in a relationship with a narcissist-psyochopath.
After studying her, and I won´t go into details of what she did to me,
that is that crazy bitch behaviour and she is that. Period.

Also there are women who I myself call ¨normal¨. I can talk with them,
even talking about this other narcissist-physopath, and they will say,
one thing, stop being around her. And they are right.

At the same time, I talk to these women who unlike myself have a husband and kids, good jobs,
and it seems in the outside everything is great.
They are good looking women, and also the wife´s of my old friends.
My real Friends, four that is, and I´m having sex with their wifes while they have a family.
I don´t know, is it my fault? Is it theirs? Is there a gray zone?

After spending too much time in the underworld you might say, the ¨overworld¨, some, not all obviously,
seems to be strange meaning the certain human relationships at the same time it all looks very normal
in their day to day life.

I´m just a tool for them to play, and I guess it is vice versa
we do have fun in the bar talking about everything, and then the sex.
Again, not all, but human behaviour is quite interesting obviously including myself.

Just wondering. I wrote this long time ago and just published it in this great blog.

The only exception, the only perfect woman… mother. That you better believe or I can cut your knee.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Hot guy looking for a lady


It´s your chance, now or never baby dolls.

I´m just looking for a woman that smokes, drinks,cooks good,
specially hamburgers and lots and lots of them. And that she pays
the rent plus all the smokes and drinks.

You might think that is too much but in return this is what you will get:

The best sex in your life, and I am actually quite funny. Not because I try to be,
it just comes out of my mouth some weird things and happens to me some weird things,
all of them…..well maybe not all but most of them are laughable. So 50% of the time
you´ll be laughing with me and the other 50% at me.

Forgot, you have to take care of this
She cares the shit out of me, I´m actually a bit traumatized I think.

So give me a thumbs up in comments if yes and if no a thumbs down, and if no girls are
willing, hey guys…..I´m open to options.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Drama on the net!

Humans Humans…..
I read today and yesterday
quite a lot of post´s of people complaining
complaining about he said this and she said that
that´s what they are maintaining
so repeat it over again in your head
damn, at the end you have nothing
to gain except pain, what a form of slef torture
it´s kind of a brain moisture


What an odyssey
so crazy
drama drama
i should call the Dalai Lama

I don´t understand
might have my head on the sand
but come on
shouldn´t it make you yawn
complaining about little things
but maybe for them it´s big things….
so it maybe me
it bores me so I count to three
and then fly away to find sweet nectar like a bee

I had just two people leave nasty comments
in two years plus of writing my brilliant moments
they say something, for me they cease existing
and my replies are “funny”- ironic beast-ing
plus I´m quite certain that to one idiot
I scared the shit of his stupid whit


It just does not bother me
I must be some kind of strange irony

But, humans humans….

Drama some like to be continued not discontinued
Some people just can´t live without  it, probably most people…humans
drama drama…… what a docudrama

Stay Frosty and happy gents and gentesses.

The talking girl (poem)

my deduction
is my redaction
keep talking bitch
as i´m writing

she just keeps talking
and me just writing
holy shit, still
talking and this is no bullshit
sorry for the curse words
or not, free coutry free minds
now, she aparently have shut up
so apart from being this source of inpiration
not kidding writing this as she´s talking some strange bull shit
poetry it´s called?….go figure
she´s the source of this inspiration
yes i should get a nomination
i didn´t say a word for about 1 minute now  ain´t i ain´t saying nothing get me nothing really,
just nodding, although no listening really
can´t listen to silly
so me no talking for what just for silly talking
just thinking… na, and now she keeps on with
the bla bla bla.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.