I love you Sara(poem)



I went from flower to flower until I met you.

Once I met you I thought I would hate you.


A friend introduced us some ten years ago,

and since then I really never have been able to let you go.


I love you Sara.


You where always there, when I cried, when I was angry, you understood me supported me in times of crisis.

You where reliable and never let me down, I hope I never let you down when all that his his started and I´d give you a kiss.


Remember how you helped me and my friends?


For that I will always be grateful and graceful.


People said you where cold,

but not old.

Really you where like gold.


They said you where made of corrosion resistant material,

but screw them you made people crunchy as cereal.

With your five five six you made bad people sick.

But we always got a kick out of it.


I watched through you´re eyes,

not the skies,

but dead bodies and more lies.


You made me cry, laugh, angry, but you where always there I could always count on you.

I love you.

Sara I do.

I sometimes miss you.

images Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.