High voltage stream of consciousness

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What a fucking computer I “smuggled” into the hospital, 15 minutes to get into wordpress
and it seems the Chrome goes faster than the other internet “thing” i yelled bling, and
i got a shitting but what did i expect for a 250$ laptop? Not a great top it seems.So is
hard to keep up with all of you, even the comments i have to keep them short so the computer
do it´s quick matheweter and send the freaking comment. Let alone when your page has a lot
of photos i can spend the whole day looking at the little ball rolling around and round
and round for the page to load. I hate the computer, yet I´m lucky to have one, still pissed.
I hate this hospital, it is a private one and there are too many cool girls with thongs,
nurses included i feel like in a Tom Cruise movie, i have no proofread as you might see while
you read i hat that too.
Hot nurses and doc´s distracts me from my duties as the greatest caretacker maker of my mother.
Good news it seems they probably let her out this Friday and basically made her life a bit longer.
I was already expecting for this to be the last time she entered the hospital and not walk out.
These rich people of the hosptial all have electric cars, every time i go out for a smoke
i´m constantly scared shitless because of one of those electirc shits you can´t hear them at all
to smack me. I hate all these people rich or not rich that are on the phone constantly, i even
saw a 4 year old kid in the lobby waiting with their parents for the elevator to come and him
watching a video on the phone of two teenage girls doing some kind of weird gymnistic things
in a soccer field, what the fuck? Feminist won, you made us a bunch of pussies.
I hate elecrtic cars, I hate people talking outloud on their phones I hate hospitals, I hate..
at leas my mother is still alive which is the important. What a pussy society we have become, I
even hate the hatters so I hate myself and then re think and unhate me, but hate all the others…
So fuck it, read as many as i can of you when this shit can computer goes faster, if ever, whatever,
now it seems it´s going so so so….so i also hate the computer. This was profound, you´re welcome.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The great White hope

Ladies and gentleman, do not worry about the state of
affairs in the world, i come from the underworld to tell
you “The earth has its chance for peace and prosperity”,
wich would be quite the rarity, you only have to cast the
ballot for the GREAT WHITE HOPE and make me the president of
the world. I could go into details about my plans, but trust
should be a must, so i won´t. Just trust me, trust is the
beginning of a prosperous future, so vote for the GREAT WHITE DOPE…
i meant HOPE.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Marijuana effects

Sitting in a Perubian bar, as in a bar from Peru
but in Spain, and that really is a who?
Next to me is a non stopping chatting
and this is really turning to a comedy skid
Was I in the Spanish military
to end up in this irony

No sorrows for these Perubian
I should live in white suburbia
White picket fence
a labrador dog
and might as well throw in a hog

This “poem” sounded racist,
i´m just being gay-ish
in the nice sense of word
you heard!!!

Damn damn this has gone here and there
which is not my fault
last time I checked I felt from Niagara Fall

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

*written really while in bar owned by some people from Peru, nice food
and nice people actually,plus it was cheep which in my circumstances it was
probably more important than the rest, that damn kid, he couldn´t stop talking*

What´s with the Thanksgiving fuzz?

What was that all about? First you have the president of the U.S putting on a Turkey on a table and pardon it. Come on, you´re going to eat your turkey later on, and why would that turkey want to be pardoned, maybe she wants to be eaten. Maybe she´s a solidary turkey that knows a lot of her fellow creatures are going to be eaten and the rest that are alive are going to look at her as in saying “why do you have the privilage first, to go to the White House and second to be pardoned?” She´s going to be frowned upon my the rest of her species so in my mind the White House does a disservice to the turkey world. And  PETA should be outrage by this act of cruelty.

Another thing, thank who exactly? First it´s a turkey which just on the outside it taste bad that´s why they stuff them! Who eats a turkey that is not stuff…nobody. My point is that you have to pay a bunch of dough for the turkey, the stuffing, for what? Forgot, and the silverware that you just take out once a year to look good in front of a bunch of family and friends most of whom or at least some you really don´t like and say Thank You, you kidding me. The long lost uncle will come by, the second cousin that you hate will probably be there and you all eat in the same table once a year acting as you like each other, so I don´t see the Thank you part of it although maybe the Giving part it is there.

Just a rambling thought.

Happy thanksgiving, not kidding…i think.

Alert! Solution for global warming.

So here´s the deal, global warming is here! That´s what the “experts” say. So if it´s that way it is that way being man made they say the “experts”. So I actually didn´t scratch my head too much to find a solution to a problem that is caused by man. Why do they discriminate that way by the way? The feminist should be outraged, know you always have to say in a sentence if “him or her did ….” Before it was just “him” but now is politcally incorrect. Actually now a days there is always some one somewhere that is scratching their brains as to how “improve” society when in my opinion having a PHD. In both psychology and Sociology the politcal correctness what it really does is shut down other opinions and living no room for debate. But that´s another rant I will have to express in more detail because I need to get that anger out of me.

As or right now, I´m hung over from last nigh, woke up early to write the nanowrimo thing which the female character is driving me nuts by the way, and I don´t know why my head just jumped to global warming so here is the solution to solving global warming, you ready?….hit it!

If  you want more available clean water per capita, you need fewer people on earth. If you want to decrease vehicle emissions, you need fewer drivers. If you want the oceans to replenish their fish, you need fewer people eating fish.

Solution: Grab all the criminals, (I´m excluded though), the extreme Muslim terrorist, people that you don´t like( each to his own on that one, I´ll grab the nut job of my crazy ex “girlfriend”more a whore really) we send them into space to a asteroid, hell if Roseta has gotten into space by the Europeans I figured NASA should and can do a better job at transporting, let´s say 4 Billion of the earth population, which would leave us exactly with 4 billion left, up and down a bit. And then put a nuclear bomb on the comet and blow the hell out of it.

There you go. Problems solved. A bit dramatic maybe, but in dire circumstances since according to the hardcore global warming people we humans are going to kill ourselves anyways in a couple of decades, it´s not such a far fetch solution. Sometimes the only course of action is the lesser of two evils.

Join me in this endeavour, I´ve already recluted my dog, I´m just sending him up there specially for the Terrorist just to annoy them on the travel before the nuclear bomb kills the 4 billion people out there.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, I´m going back to sleep see if the hangover passes and later try to find a solution now that I have saved the globe and humanity, now, well after I get a couple of hours of sleep and my head is not hurting I´m going to find the solution as to where the female protagonist is going. What a pain she is. I´m even starting to hate her.


I´m worried…

I´m worried that the evil conservative party in the U.S won by a landslide…..I hate democracy.

I´m worried that Christians are being prosecuted and killed in Irak, Iran, you name it. Most if not all Muslim countries……but always feel free to raise hell when somebody displays the Christian symbol in some public place in the U.S. And hope the moderate Muslims never say anything against that, no no no.

I´m worried that in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and probably left some out, that women are treated as basically second class citizens and in some they are literally stoned to death…..but hope the feminist in the U.S or for that mater here in Spain just start screaming about the real important issues like the so repressive societies that they live in and how men still put them down, lets focus on the real important things, poor Oprah Winfield.

I´m worried that gays can be killed in Iran, Saudi Arabia and probably left some other, my recently diseased uncle couldn´t have gone there to see the dunes, fuck that is a freaky thought my gay uncle in some dune……..but as the Christians lets not give too much thought and the media outlets even less. Let´s stick to what Christian sadomised some poor kid and lets roll with that for eternity. And the gay activist I hope that they keep raising some hell about gay marriage. Hope they don´t focus on those unimportant things.

I´m worried that girls are now going to fight in the front lines… lets lower the standards to become an infantry soldier. Might have done that while I was in the Spanish army. Sure would have made me a much more efficient soldier.

I´m worried….I forgot what I was going to say.


Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Folly of humanity(poem)

I´m so perfect
that deserve a medal
so I can pedal

I love people
they talk
and walk
they reason
and no treason

I love perfection
gives me a weird erection
that takes me to all direction

I love animals
there are cute
and mute
and have a certain look


This is some bullshit i laid down
because I just can say to stay
being a liar in the ground
sort of poem anyways as they say

I hate perfection
doesn´t give no erection
gives me headache´s .

I´m disgusted by quite a lot of humanity
a lot of vanity
screw most of humanity.

Animals scare the shit out of me most of them
so screw them
I have two dogs to take care off
and that´s more than enough
I see a lion or snakes
and I´m the one who rattles and shakes

What a world we live in
wouldn´t it be better to kill
most of those that are not worth standing still?

The folly of humanity is my folly since I´m an atom of society.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The painter(poem)

Foto 275

They say Picasso was the king of painting
well well I ain´t fainting.


Who is to judge…well people that have a grudge


I do judge

Just look above, look it!
see it!
believe it!

I painted that when I was only nine
and that really makes you shine
it´s a real craft
and is called abstract
call it beautifullonic
or just ironic

Now a days every painting is art
don´t believe Michelangelo will be seating in heaven
and in enters a graffiti boy and they talk while they take a walk
What did you paint? Graffiti boy asks
The sixteenth chapel
What did you paint? Michelangelo asks
A corner
Disservice to humanity of art I ask
I must judge, since I feel I must do my task.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

writers block is a myth

Definition according to Merriam-Webster dictionary : The problem of not being able to think of something to write about or not being able to finish writing a story, poem, et.c.


First off, how in the world can you not think of anything to write about? I can write right now, look it I´m doing it now so  let me see…. I see a bottle of water right next to my computer why because it´s almost 30 degrees celsius, my heart is pounding at the thought that if temperature keeps on rising, and by the way it´s 12:25 a.m here in the land of the wild bulls I might get a heart attack. You know how screwed up it would be to die right now typing away. What in the world would my toombstone read, “he died doing what he loved, although at that moment he was hot as hell he was uncomfortable and had writers block so not really, he was actually miserable doing what he loved” This just came out of the top of my head. And with this I can probably write a short story. Now, if it´s a good one or a bad one that´s entirely different thing. But not being able to think of something to write about…come on. Is not rocket science. Just type away about whatever you see, a picture, a post in a blog, something you saw on t.v. Just hit the damn keyboards is not that difficult. I do have ten fingers and only use two to write. I´m that cool. I can write something right now about a writer who has typed so much during his life, a failed life of writing because in his mind he can´t finish a story and now that he is able to do so his other 8 fingers are not working so now it´s a tragedy, since it´s a painfully slow process and then just put some strange weird obstacle for that character to overcome.

Not being able to finish a story or poem? I can´t see that happening. Look:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
who are you
don´t know,
so screw you.

There it is, I just finished a poem. And a great one, at least for me, don´t care about what others say. How can you not finish a poem? Plus who in the world knows when somebody has finished a poem, if you don´t see an ending to it, I don´t know, just call it abstract poetry and write something random like this:

I don´t know
maybe you do
who you?
thinking of you
dark sea blue.

Makes any sense….maybe, maybe not. Maybe it has some insight in human nature or I´m just playing with words and playing with myself. Not in that sense though. Playing with my brain, so that´s part of me, therefore myself. And this piece of art is so cool that it won´t even go to school.

Writing a novel, that´s another science. But I can finish it, whether it turns out goo or bad, again that´s a whole other thing. But you sure can finish it, and if not move on to write some poetry or write some random stuff. Have fun, and once you have it, sort off has to come a bit more natural to write just about anything. So by strict definition, there is actually no writers block. I´m actually starting to think that somebody had to invent that to make people doubt themselves, then he or she created a bunch of miserable writers and he or she made a business out of making them take his or her classes to overcome the so called writers block. Sort of politics, you create a turmoil and then you enter the scene as the saviour.

Just a thought from an experience writerimages I have no clue who that person is, just stumbled upon it on google, while I was actually doing a research paper on pornography. I know, it´s kind of weird but I do  have to maintain by imagination open to all types of writing. Jesus, if there are porn scripts…do those guys ever have writers block. Never mind this last thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Crusade lovers… waste of time.

I feel like being controversial, piss someone off.

1.) Gay Activist. In full disclosure, my uncle recently died from aids. He knew I knew he was gay and I knew he knew I knew he was gay(makes sense?). But we never talked about it, we just ate, had fun shopping which was his way of having fun, he was  one of the best human beings one can encounter since I never saw somebody so generous in my life. Plus he laughed his balls off when I started talking about some crazy thing that happened to me, specially the way I told it, and specially when I talked to him about my strange encounters with girls.

Having said this, what´s up with this crusade by gays to make everyone accept them. It´s impossible, I myself can´t be accepted and get the same rights as others, and others the same, so why that crusade. I understand standing up and explaining your beliefs but that crusade of fighting every single thing, every single thing is just stupid and is not going to get you anywhere. Except piss people off and you get in a worst situation. And I might add that the little crusade by gay activist, they are a lobby, the money they get is what I will never see in my life. And if they really care about gay´s all around the world, why the fuck don´t you go to Saudi Arabia comes to mind where they kill you for just being gay and start protesting over there. Have some balls, but nope, you sit comfortably in your democratic cities and give everyone else the pain in the ass. Just accept like everyone else that life is not perfect, you don´t have it all that bad and specially pisses me off when they compare themselves to second class citizens like in the days of segregation. Tell that to a son of a  black dude that was hanged because he was black. Great comparison this crusaders make.

2) Feminist. DownloadedFile-4I don´t think woman are doing all that bad now a days. Before you where necessary, now you have become obsolete.Feminist I mean not woman obsolete I love them. Again it´s a lobby and as all lobby´s they have to vindicate some cause however minor or stupid it is in order to keep the money flowing in. You make a little less than the man….not so much less and I bet the woman working at MacDonald´s makes the same as her counterpart. Not good working there by the way, I´ve done it and it sucks but was a happy camper at the time though, at least there was some money in my pocket. So what do this Feminist want? Equal pay for the same job? Not even between men in companies they get the same pay for the same job. Not joking it´s a fact which is not on the news obviously. I think overall you´re pretty good. And in your crusade for equal rights, which equality is such an elusive term, go to Afghanistan and say to the Taliban to let the girls go to school, go to India and tell the men to not treat the women like slaves and rape them as a national past time. Nope, your crusade again is in the comforts.

3)Animal rights groups Animal lovers, how the fuck is an animal going to have any rights? In what world does that happen. These people what is worst is that they equivalate animals to human beings, animals have feelings and humans too so we are the same. You got to be shitting me. I have two dogs, 9 years old each and not expected to live much more. I love them, I take care of them, specially now that they are old. But they do not sit in the table with me and my parents to eat a plate of good meat. They eat their food at their time in their place and then they can come up if they want and fart their way into the sofa where I´m at and sit on top of me. But they are not humans like these nut jobs like to think of them. PETA send a letter not to long ago to a 17 year old girl who was hunting, she stumbled upon a little bear so mama bear got angry and mowled the girl and the girl lost her ear. While this 17 year old kid is still recovering a representative of PETA send´s her a letter saying that now she knows how they(bears)feel. Are you kidding me? If I was the father I´d smack the shit out of that wacko.

4) Global warming activists That is a bunch of dough this lobby has. Yes there is an increase in global warming or cool warming or the climate is changing whatever you call it. And caused by man kind. But according to the UN, I saw this on the news yesterday, most of this comes from our little friends the Chinese but why blame those guys though. They are an emergent market with new factories plus the added bonus that they are over 1 trillion of these people! What do we do, kill the half of them? And the Indians too who also surpass the 1 trillion mark.They did say the temperature of the earth would rise a couple of degrees in 50-100 years or more. You fucking me? Is that really a concern. If you live in Alaska and your kid say´s it´s warm today when usually is cold just for a couple of degrees tell him you´ve moved the family to Phenix, Arizona.

Also, there was this naked bicycle run in some State of the U.S a couple of days ago to bring awareness to global warming. You kidding again. Thousands of guys and gals naked in bicycle. Of course your going to get attention but it´s going to get the attention of people saying “That girl has nice tits” or a women saying “Look at that stud on the bike”. And is also dangerous, if I was one of those dudes I would be in the back of the line because if you´re in front and you stop there is the possibility of the guy behind you to ram into you and stick his pole where you don´t want it, or maybe you do but not recommendable while riding on the bike. And by the way, why don´t these idiots go to China and get naked there and start pedaling. Lets see how long before the police comes and arrest them all and send them to some hell hole.

So overall, the cause are semi just, but most of them take it to the extreme, and no extreme is good. Plus they take it to the extreme in countries where they are free, they don´t fight their cause in countries where they really need gay rights, animal lovers, feminists, and the rest. They do it in democratic nations where they are safe. So on top of being hypocrites they are cowards and a pain in the ass.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.