The ones who look

Looking and looking, Boom! I got an asteroide entering the earth,
“Jhonny you saw that?”
I can´t figure out how these people that work in NASA can track every day,
or most days, these things and then go to sleep. Quite the people this ones,
I have been literally sweating because I don´t have a dime to my name,
so who are these guys?
Just keeping things in prespective but in a weird way.

Galaxy effect

Make this quick since it was a 3 hour podcast with a lot of details.
You got two persons arguing the point that human beings are not responsible for climate change,
climate change has been happening since only a bit of years, even above 12,ooo years that
according to them there was a lost civilization, since we do live in a galaxy and
there are other elements in and specially out of our galazy, the end of our galaxy as we know it
is Pluto, that sucker planet…. so there seems to be comets entering our galaxy
and hitting our earth, which it has been documented that every 1000 plus years
myabe a bit more, the commets will enter to really destroy humanity and obviously
damage the earth atmosphere, so this has been going on for thousands of years.
We as humans probably contribute to the climate change, these two guys admit to that,
yet contribute a very small percentage. Consider the earth that is spinning, the sun at what time
of year is hitting certain parts of the earth, even the moon will affect the earth
at certain times certain years,
the change of climate primarely from the Galaxy effect as these two guys call it, but
humans involved in this hysteria of climate change are not.
Now I do believe, go figure, humans either consciously or unconsciously will make all this
climate change all about us, putting the blame on us other humans specially for either politics
or economics. Which is fine I got that part, power and the money minute after ahour, go hand in hand.
Yet I don´t want to buy that shit tart.
Just a 6 a.m thought, gotta get out…Jesus, although it was interesting 3 hour long podcast.

Evil Americans

Nice video by the way, you hear Jhon Glenn the first guy in the moon, all the process
and really what type of person you want on that trip, he is not going into the moon
just a “work up” this time, although I should not use the words “work out” scary as hell
yet his calm voice, overall calm composture. Quite the people, the guy did reach
to the moon and at the end landed, quite few characters that have that type of temperament.
Point being….Point. And if you want to watch the video, I thought it was interesting,
it was all live on t.v, and that is the key why the U.S got on the moon first instead of U.S.S.R.
In part that is, there are also many other factors but making it live t.v did help.
Quite the people these guys, nerves as steal, from the ground controlers to the the austronauts.
Forgot, the title was catchy I think.
(out of here, read you people latter you animator)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.