self help

Hell Yaa!!!!!

I got the grove, so gonna make a move
back to reality oooo…….there goes gravity
got back on the net without a broken neck,
though I do have some crazies that would like to snap my head,
still, fuck´em, crazy they say?  I can get more crazy and also lazy
So, back to my reality and that is the real gravity
Yep, I´m drunk as a skunk like a punk
whiskey in the head cigarette in my hand
and by the way my two dogs……..been a  week since I haven´t seen them
miss them, can´t even believe I miss these two bastards
back, drunk….skunk….just writing for pleasure
I do have some kind of measure

Read ya, or stalk ya, why “ya”?
sounds good to my ear
hear so you or me, yo no beer!!!!!!!

Stay frosty gents  and gentesses.

Single and ready to mingle

You feel it?
yep, chemistry
then let´s donate
that´s our name of how we procrastinate

I can see through you…
big round eyes bright as the skies
sexy, messy, uuuuu….. yepsi

You are all my musses
riding on top of golden horses

You feel it?
see it and let´s hit it

I am single
need me
crave for me
sex me!
And I am ready to mingle.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Fiber Optic installed…..back on line! The oddysey

This is quite cool actually, it has taken them for what has seemed an eternity to install this crap but right now I hit “click” and before I blink an eye, bam! I´m already in the next page. But in order to get here we must have been out of internet for 4 days, I actually had to use the screwed up computers from the internet cafes in my shitty town. Which one, are not the best places to go too, people wise that is,  kind of scary if you don´t know the situation, and second the computers are more screwed up than this one I´m writing from at cool 10-8 a.m in the morning. Plus  getting  there is a pain in the neck, getting to my town that is. Have to walk 2 miles to the bus stop spend 1 euro and 30 cents that would around 2 $, to travel a distance of 2.5 miles, basically the same distance I cover in foot to get into the bus stop at first to then get into a dingy screwed up full of dope selling Marrocans  with their computers and pay them almost 2$ to use the net for an hour and during that hour not that I can read too many blogs considering they are screaming God knows what between them and second I eventually start getting into a screaming match with one of them since their fucking computers are doing the yo you dance on me. So I spend quite a lot of money in transportation, no counting the 2 miles I have to walk with my screwed up body which seems I´ve walked 200 and now that I get internet……….yeeeeeehhaaaaa! Amazing what technology does to you. I though I was a troglodyte when it came to internet social media and then I found myself quite pissed off for not being able to have it.

Odyssey I day, I won´t even start with this idiots of the fiber optic, I´ll just say that here, as usually with everything they do. By here I mean the great country of Spain, the country of no hurries and definitely no worries, take all the time boys, not that we use the computers just to watch porn, nope, we actually have to get into on and use it for writing, forget about internet, just the writing thing. There is also the old school of pen and paper which I had to revert too but I broke a fingernail in the process. Plus this idiots if they say they will come at 11 a.m you can expect them to swing by at 2 p.m when the food is already on the table and happy family is eating lunch so up you go and now you have to leave the food there for the flies to have a party with and hear this idiots talking a lot and not doing anything productive. Not their fault, sort off, but  this guys just install the cables, now if the cables don´t have power what is their fault? So why send them in the first freaking place before the “central” people know they have power? Idiots, and this has happened to thousands of people. The same problem we are having. Now it seems to run quick as hell, but first they told us we would have this by first of August and what date is it today……almost October damn idiots. So they come at strange hours of the day, like for example yesterday at 9 p.m while again we where having dinner, and eventually it was the wizzard of my father with no formal education, a self made man in all the senses of the word. Who got this shit up and running. This guy was like a mean nasty dog that won´t let go of the bone. The poor man stayed for 3 days calling up this people, calling even the secretary of the telephone company. Yep, he knows the director, he knows quite a lot of important people so I have no idea how he can look at me and think “Thank God my kid turned out this well”, which he actually doesn´t but that´s another story. So this guy spend 3 days and almost 3 nights calling, talking to the “install” guys, shouting at them of course but at the end of the day about 3/4 of the people that live by hear still don´t have this fiber optic up and running because what are “normal” people going to do when the computer geeks show up at your house and tell you as they did with us, that the reason was that our computers where outdated….fuck you out dated, you had to see the computer geek, the so called know every chip that´s inside of this, talking and my father eventually had to cut him off and me in the background about to choke this idiot, and tell him that all the systems this kid was talking about, since he must have been 20 something,cool thing in the middle of the conversation his girlfriend calls and she doesn´t believe this guy is working so this guy has to pass his cell phone to another co worker so this stupid nut case of girlfriend would believe the kid….had quite some experience with that, so there you go the professionalism and you had to see the face of my father I actually started thinking of digging a grave in the back yard just in case my old man killed this kid and we needed to dispose of the body quickly.

Anyhow, my father stops the  guy and says have you realises this is a Mackintosh and your talking to me about PC….fucking kidding me, first check out what type of computers are in each house and then you might start selling us all this fiber optic shit, so at 10 p.m after some other phone calls by daddy paddy here, and him actually giving lessons out to the so called technicians or what I was asking myself, we got it. Everybody in the house pissed off expect my two dogs who don´t really care too much about internet and strange people coming and going into the house at strange hours disrupting everything and not accomplishing anything,


Now go figure how by inbox is filled with past post, probably more than 1000, and in between there might be emails and probably I´ll delete them without even knowing since going through 1000 post is good to be back and reading people but 1000 it is a bit too much, plus I don´t have the time. They should make the day have more hours though, don´t know who to talk about that……I´ll figure it out, since here in Spain either you do it yourself or you´re screwed. We even have 8 major airports that are with no planes and no people, why? Because the stupid politicians apart from spending huge amounts of money for the so called “infrastructure” they forgot to take in to their little minds the private sector and what airplanes could fill this airport or that one and hire how many people e.t.c. BY the way, they where socialist the brilliant minds that came with this idea. So no wonder the country is not only going it already is in a hell in a handbag. If I said that right that is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, be stalking you soon.

Friday Night Hustle! (poem)

It´s almost time so Charly goes out on the dime,
not much money but no problem honey,
rich kids wondering around old school talking about that and the other clown.

Getting  prepared since I´m not scared
getting prepaid since they can end in a maze of hay.

Go on and about shouting that´s a trout!

Everything is cool with the groove just feeling smooth,
I watch I´m keyed up I´m in the zone the snooze with some booze.

Beer here,beer there, whiskey now, margarita later
o yeah, pocket your money later
and then see ya alligator!

Friday night hustling
while is bustling
Charly goes whistling
girls goes, o, darling!

winking winking
smiling and being kin of the king
Friday Night Hustling!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.



Holy , who would of thought that the king of karate Mr. Bruce Lee would actually have such an insight into human behaviour. The bastard is right, it´s your mindset that will make you achieve this or the other. Be it job wise, relationship wise, applies to everything in life really.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Dr. Charly is in the house!

Foto 273

About the shirtless thing, just woke up I do have a shirt on actually but if I had to take a picture it takes and eternity for this fucked up computer to get into photobooth so I just took one from the media part of the blog, plus it gives me more credibility as a doctor.


Sometimes I go by the name of Charles other times by Charlie and others by Charly. Either way, you might not believe it but I am a Psychiatrist hence the Dr. part before the name. Not a licensed one or the conventional one, but I have found out that I do give quite good compliments and have a deep understanding into human nature. So if your in dire strait please contact me.

If you feel suicidal…….take a deep breath, count to 9 and one quarter, take a step to the edge of where you are going to throw yourself and really look down at the people that are crossing underneath you. Would you really want to end up falling on top  of someone and making them also look like cream pie all plastered through the floor? You could be charged in a second degree murder, maybe not technically since you are already gone but you will be remembered as the suicide killer. You really want that? I doubt it. That would make you pause ad think twice. I know there are other methods of killing one self , but lets go slowly at least one of the methods is out of the table, the round table of options now you have one less.

Are you feeling lonely…….buy a dog. A study from the University of I don´t know in which part of the U.S but I´m sure it was in the U.S since who in the world would spend millions on studies such as studying the dogs brain and finally coming up with the official conclusion that dogs have feeling. Not kidding they actually did a study on that. Are you fucking kidding me? It took a bunch highly trained highly financed and equipped nerdy perdy dudes and dudess to reach that conclusion, Jeeesus only in the U.S, love the country though. But really, I´m not a pet psychologist but I do have two mean nasty farting machines dogs and I can tell when if I yell at one of them because they just peed on the balcony that their ears will go down so as the tail and specially the girl dog I have, like most other females that are humans( ladies! yeah woaw!) does keep more resentment towards me during a longer period of time than the male. The male couldn´t give a shit the bastard, he´ll be doing it again in a couple of hours so that one is a lost case. My mother goes away for holidays, the dogs are used to certain hours when she takes them outside, since they themselves won´t go outside by themselves and they are suppose to be attack dog, what the fuck are these two going to attack I ask myself, anyways at certain hours usually at 7 p.m they start walking up and down the house and looking at you sideways as in saying “come on dude!” so up you go, stop my writing or reading or maybe masturbating depending on the day and I walk them outside to see them, well just take more pisses more  shits, run a couple of meters, getting fruits that have fallen down from a tree and bringing it to me. Point being, feeling depressed buy a dog and your depression will turn to anger. No more feeling down just thoughts of murder.

Feeling agressive…..No problem, go out and buy yourself a male whore or a female whore. It has been proven that sex is the best antidote for agressive people. It has something to do with the neurons and receptors, I won´t go to deep into it since it´s kind of boring the technical thing.

Feeling that you are in a deep hole and you can´t get out of it…….that your world is falling on top of you kind of thing. No worries, take my example, I´ve been to two nasty pasty screwed up nasty rusty countries, been shot at, lost 3 guys, decided to become a cool drunk, and a cool homeless person, nightmares, bad memories, and at age 30 almost died of pancreatitis, and look! here I am. Alive doing the funky chicken dance at 8:30 in the morning, so always remember that out there  there is some one always a little more fucked up than you. And that they do climb the hole out, quite amazing what humans can do if they put their mind to it.

Last, and most important, take what I said very seriously, or not, then go to the mirror and have a nice laugh at yourself. Giggle like a little girl, don´t take what people say to heart nor what they do or not do. And all this advice free of charge.

Stay frosty gents and gentesses.

Folly of humanity(poem)

I´m so perfect
that deserve a medal
so I can pedal

I love people
they talk
and walk
they reason
and no treason

I love perfection
gives me a weird erection
that takes me to all direction

I love animals
there are cute
and mute
and have a certain look


This is some bullshit i laid down
because I just can say to stay
being a liar in the ground
sort of poem anyways as they say

I hate perfection
doesn´t give no erection
gives me headache´s .

I´m disgusted by quite a lot of humanity
a lot of vanity
screw most of humanity.

Animals scare the shit out of me most of them
so screw them
I have two dogs to take care off
and that´s more than enough
I see a lion or snakes
and I´m the one who rattles and shakes

What a world we live in
wouldn´t it be better to kill
most of those that are not worth standing still?

The folly of humanity is my folly since I´m an atom of society.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The power of forgiveness (pic´s)

Right, I know I´m probably not the most adequate person to talk about forgiveness, I still have resentments towards Marrocans, maybe has to do something with my army days and that they shot at me and that they killed 3 of my guys. Actually this is me after a fist fight with one fuck head Marrocan Foto 274 I still will go after them no matter if they are one, two, or one hundred if like this other guy said something to my face like the last time. They just annoy me with their way of talking that guttural sound, their customs that they treat women like shit or like whores and in my country this idiots come to sell dope. You find them everywhere selling dope in all the small towns around where I live and where I live. Actually I don´t remember they never been in my town not selling dope since I was a young kid. And worst of all, they will be selling dope in the park during the day and you will find the same assholes in the social security services that are meant for the Spanish people who have no resources and there are plenty of us like that right now, well a bunch of these Marrocans getting the same benefits and even better when they don´t have and don´t want the Spanish nationality.

Now this is me after about a month, since I had 10 stitches put on my lower right part of the lip and I still have some hemorrage in the right eye,but I´m good now look at this beauty!Foto 281my lower right lip still has some stitches but in the inside and as I can see in the picture well it´s still kind of deformed and will probably stay that way, fuck it, at least I didn´t back down from this idiot who tried to scare me and at least he got a bloody nose and a black eye, I just got quite a bit worst part of the deal. Ha! had to put the Spanish flag behind me, I did fight for that flag so there it is,not really for the flag we fought for each other but that´s another story. So somethings I just can´t forgive or take out of my mind, they remind me when I was in those fucked up countries and they just piss me off. Maybe I am a racist and I don´t even know it, but I doubt it, the hardworking ones,which I only know two are good friends the rest I could shoot them dead no problem.

Now power of forgiveness!

It has come towards my crazy whore ex girlfriend. I´m not calling her those names for the sake of it, it´s just that first she is crazy since I have 3 scars left from her, you can´t see them now so that´s good. And second she is a whore, she will sleep around with guys to get a free cell phone or some shoes here or money in some cases so by definition she is a whore. Forgot, she also worked in a whore bar, she told me that her “boss” only wanted her to get the guys to buy drinks and only that….sure. She would never tell me anything when I was with her and ofcourse I would never ask. But I do share my part of responsibility, which is that I am an alcoholic, she had money and I didn´t, so she invited me to alcohol and I was plenty happy, never put a hand on her although she did call the police about 8 times I think on me. She is what you call just a mean mean person. But hey, I chose to put myself in that situation so what did I expect in return with this psycho? She actually pulled a knife two times on me, on those two times I did have to grab her and reduce her to the floor you could probably understand why, so there goes her crazy  and she said that if I ever left her she would only make my life miserable. Well it´s been quite a loooong time since I haven´t seen this nut job, around two years but I still get calls from her! A fucking stalker and psychopath. So that´s the reality.

I sometimes would think of her and I couldn´t even concentrate on my reading or writing just because of all the anger inside me, just pissed me off to no end, how could I put myself in those fucked up situations with this psycho and how in the world are people so fucked up like this bitch. Her whole day is making somebody else´s day miserable be it towards me or towards somebody else plus she was and is a master manipulator. I just hated this girl so much.

I don´t know why this past week I just actually started feeling sorry for this girl. I looked at myself, where I´m going in life….which is not very certain but certainly not the way I was going before that´s for sure. So my life is improving, except with some mile mishaps of some fight here or there, but overall I have my money, not broke anymore, I have my laptop, I´ll be getting my own apartment by the end of this year, a small one I grant you that but still it will be mine. I can put there my little library of books which I´m quite proud off, I won´t be a burden to my family, I can focus on writing and keep sending short stories so they can get rejected but hell, maybe once in a blue moon one of them gets through. The editors are staring greatness right in the eye and they just don´t see it, I feel sorry for them. Anyways so now everything seems to be going on track, and this hasn´t happened by luck, it´s been planned and worked on. And what will this girl be doing at her age at age undisclosed? Nothing with her life, jus t fucking every dick my guess is that with those other guys, which I know quite well, they don´t have any compunction in hitting and mistreating her if she starts yelling or forget about if she punches one of these dudes, they don´t care they´ll go to jail but first they´ll slice her up. And probably that´s why she won´t call the cops because she´s afraid of them.

So I just started to look at my life, my possibilities, my knowledge, and then at her and how she is at her core. A mean nasty person, and I really felt sorry for her, not kidding. I thought what a way to be and to live. Not going back with her even if they paid me a million dollars but I just felt sorry for her and decided to forgive all that she put me through. I sound like a wussy for crying out loud, and all because of the alcohol.

Guess what, I don´t have any anger towards her, absolutely none. And that is very liberating. You feel at peace without anger in yourself, and although is with this specific instance in my life it certainly feels great. Probably will have to work on the others, but they are too many and I´m too lazy.

Just a crazy though from a crazy life.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

My quotes, the true meaning to life

I go through a bunch of blogs and see people hanging all kinds of little quotes,so I figured I´d make a list of my own that if your able to understand your life will be much better.

-There knowns knowns, there are unknown known, there are known unknowns, but there is also another category which is the unknown unknowns.

-The belief of inevitability of conflict can become one of its main reasons.

-Want peace then prepare for war.

-All generalisations are usually false, which can apply to the last two I just said…or not.

-Sometimes for people is much more fun for them to think they had been pushed than they had been tricked into something.

-Lies are a fundamental of life.

-Love is a fundamental of life, since fundamental is a relative word.

-You see what you want to see and hear what you want to hear.

-click click eyes and ears open.

-Friends are the corner stone of society since society is a mess.

-Family goes wily nily.

-Stand up for something or you are a wussy. As hard as it may be.

-Life is about choices, and what differentiates the true men or  true women from the rest are those people who make tough choices and accept the consequences because they believe that their choice are the correct one for them.

-The absence of evidence doesn´t mean there is an evidence of absence.

-You want to get published? Write. And guess what? You will probably fail.

-There is no way getting around failure in life, the only question is how do you deal with those failures.

-Do as I say, and you will never have to pray.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.