Sorry about the curse word, just felt like getting it out. The saying goes, some days we have limited space for others, and I don´t like that. That means you are too immerse in yourself, you are thinking too much about you´re own problems, you are feeling pity for yourself, you are basically feeling miserable. And that´s what happened to me these past 4 days. And you know what…..FUCK that. I hate that feeling, so today I got out of bed and said to those little demons inside my head to go off on vacation, a vacation to Mars or to the end of the galaxy to never return or at least to return in a very very long time. I hadn´t been down like this in quite some time. And I hate it.

I was grumpy, everything and everyone annoyed me. I didn´t feel like talking, I just felt like sinking in bed and staying there and that is not the way to go. I know everybody has bad days, but I don´t like my bad days. I have handled worst things in my life than what happened to me recently so what the hell was I thinking in getting so low.So when the saying says some days we have limited space for others, you know what I say to that, you guessed it that! I have people around me who care for me and I have people also who depend on me. So what do I do, just left them hanging for 4 days….not cool. I felt selfish, and I maybe a bit selfish but not a complete selfish asshole. So as for now you know what the saying says….Get the hell up and stay up.

Just a thought, now going to read some of my too cool to go to school bloggers.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.