Above 18 years or more, I just thought of mixing things up,
I think I did a decent job with this crazy thing
that I just wrote on the spot.

I know you love it,
my penis penetration
makes rattle all of your nation
then may even come a creation
but I won’t be there
so don’t get that scare
your choice
says my inside voice
but this penetration!!!!
i know, it is your inspiration.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m sexy and you know it

By the way who the fuck stands in front of the computer to take pictures of one self…. Jeeeesus I’m a narcissist.
Even worst the photo appear on the bottom of the page so we got to engage.

So here we go not thinking but I’m drinking
She said she loved me and it was with me
She said she fucked twice a day and I was rolling in hay
She said…. Yo sexy!
I said…. I’m sexy and I know it
To be not discrete
Take a beat
And here we are
With a sexy star.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

sexy creeped in to me

yo pa kruti
Sorry, that was not me I got that photo from Alah Habama, yep a muslim.
This is me images
That is me, sorry for the other one,
i won, and i got some
in my…because i´m awesome
sexy came
sexy got hold of my name
sexy is my game
i say
for her to stay
in my sexy game
so i can frame
and this is strange

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Did she really say that?

O.k so here is the deal that is not to steal…your minds

So here I am with a woman, and I have my Spanish “siesta”
wich in english means that after you eat you go to sleep.
So I wake up and she is still in my house, and she starts
touching me and kissing me and all those things that I can´t give
any girl any rings only drinks, well, she is kissing me and says
“Let´s fuck.”….she looks at her watch and then says,”O shit, they are going
to close the store.”
And she walks out. And it came out of her
all natural, that was funny. Jesus Christ……

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

say hello to my little friend

Sorry, but don´t be worry is actually kind of scary
My friend, did he amend?
There is no women out there that wants that demand?
I got…I got… I´m just hot, ladies!
Say hello to your boyfriend, since….. o well,
I´m like Orson Weless
But less careles, hey! That is what she said
to my lttle friend, after she finished and said amen.
He spits bullets here and there and people just stare?….That is weird,
bunch of weirdos.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Out of the top

Right now I´m saying, gonna give me 30 seconds and see
what i can get out of my top mentality

Hit it,
crack a bottle
inside my rubble
you want it
to be the snit
i do got wit
so you
you know
this is heading to sex
i could get a burlesque
so this shit
is my beat?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

That was actually 28 seconds, not kidding, i did have fun though.
I don´t need friends, by the way it all turned out to sex things….
I have a problem, I need help ladies.

Graffiti girl

I saw you with your back towards me at first,
so focus, so intense, on your universe-
For me it didn´t make much sense staring at the great white wall,
it was for me an act of small-
My brain was immersed observing your blond hair,
that beautiful, captivating aura you spelled in the air-
You managed to get an empty white wall
and turn my heart, less frigid, and about to be a dolly doll-
Love you for that and we will always have that much.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.