september 11

September 11th, A story

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I was getting out of the bathroom we all shared in a New York boarding school
when I heard, “You saw that?!!”….”You fucking saw that?!!” A kid in the t.v
room area was yelling.
Then, literally sent to a freaking bunker under a farm, most of the kids there
where from the five boroughs of New York city. By the way, Manhattan scared
the shit out of me. It was black Friday one day, I go from Queens to Manhattan
in the underground train, I got to Manhattan, how I made it I don´t know
didn´t even know it was the famous black Friday (bad friends), so that would be
in November pretty much a year earlier than 9-11,I step out of the train station
and I´m swarmed by an avalanche of humanity, me thinking ” What the hell is this?”
A young kid I was and scared, to see not only the city but too many
people in one area. Those people,some of them probably died in 9/11 like the relatives
of the other kids I was with in the boarding school. I didn´t even realize
on 9/11 that five days later was my birthday. All the kids calling or trying to receive
calls from relatives but nothing, no communication that day at least. Nobody knew nothing,
my mother later told me that she tried to call and call to the school and nothing.

The moral of the story: Do you remember that day or is just a dream? And with all this
shit going on with Covid I do believe we´ll survive although as tough it is when you
see like on 9/11 people dropping like flies. God bless them. But those who are not dead
we can carry on. Sounds selfish or at the very least detached,(don´t know what´s worst) but it pulls you up,
to be a bit selfish and detached. For me at least, if I´m not I can´t function.
What a freaking story came to mind. I even forgot I was in New York for some years, just came to me.
So now you have to read it and take whatever you want out of it.

4:31 a.m thought about 9/11

I was in New York, not in the city though.
I remember all the confussion and the rest,
so if I forget my own birthday, forget about this day,
wich is more than my shit face birthday,
but i did see two friends go into the U.S Marines, Infantry,
that won´t bring back the dead, but why do you think I love your country?
Think what you think, it´s a mix, but God love the U.S.
Compare it to Spain?….na

Stay Frosty and really Frosty (those who knows the real meaning) gents and gentesses.

Known´s and Unknow´s.

There are known known´s , there are things we know we know. We also know that there are known´s unknown´s that is to say that there are things we don´t know. But there are also unknown´s unknown´s, the ones we know we don´t know.

Everyone got that right? If you didn´t you´re a bit off…….But I´ll let the master of saying a lot without really saying anything explain it to you in 35 seconds. Donald Rumsfeld Unknown Unknowns ! – YouTube

I don´t care about your politics, but you have to give him this, he wen´t outside when the airplane hit the Pentagon and helped for  some minutes with the wounded. And he´s the boss, they should have taken him into an underground bunker right away. That tells a lot about the character of a person regardless of your politics. Plus it made me giggle like a little girl.