serial killers

No reason to hit a woman? (Video)

The whore put me on trial saying I hit her. The judge eventually found me not guilty.
Just the facts( and even with them it seems I was quite lucky not even my own lawyer thought the
judge would find me not guilty, probably the judge took pitty on me),
they didn´t match up to what she said to the police and the incident
in quiestion. Even my lawyer had to call the judge and tell him that the main witness
(being the whore) was not testifying on the trial, still remember the prosecutor trying
to box me in, I was extremely calm since I knew I didn´t do shit. But once my defense lawyer,
she was hot by the way…. showed me the transcripts this whore told the police I was quite amazed
to say the least.

My killing spree list

1- I can´t handle the freaking bells of the church every 15 minutes!!!! Kill the Priest.
2- I can´t handle the freaking kids right down my first floor room yeelling!!
And they go there since the school teaches English!!! It has to be legal to at least kill one.
3-I can´t handle the two bars also right below my room, people yelling until 5 a.m everyday!!!
Kill bartenders, no bartenders no alcohol, no people.
4-……I think I covered them all, not too many by the way. I should be a better serial killer.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Assassins creed

The sun rises
his heart doesn’t even beat
he is that slick.

You can see the furry in his eyes
and how his brain remains in your dies
dying is your only option so you soon will be with God in the skies.

The assassin
is marching
to fulfill
his dirty grill
of blood
sucked by his sword
who he cherish it as his Lord.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The iceman

They call him the Iceman,
His hands never shake,
Sorry victims are the ones who end up in a lake.

He moves around in the shadows,
Nobody is safe,
The whole city is unsafe.

He kills and dismembers his victims bodies,
He then freezes them in a cooler,
For later disposal,
The police have no clue of the time of death for their proposal.

The Iceman is near you, never know who your neighbour is…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.