Fun sex thinking

I look I see
is she over eighteen then I can sing.
Dirty dirty sex
I´m your tyrannosaurs rex
Where are you?
Looking at the dark sky blue

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


swing by say hi and say goodby

I´m a narcissist
look at that photo?
that is my motto
this is for the laaaaadeees!
swing by and get high
i can say good by
hold it there and cry
……… feeling good?
another ho

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

wondering about women

Humans fascinate me, me included. I´ll try to make it short….fuck that.

I´m not a Brad Pitt, but why do I have sex with a lot of women?
No idea and I´m thinking while blinking…sorry had to rhyme.
I have been in a relationship with a narcissist-psyochopath.
After studying her, and I won´t go into details of what she did to me,
that is that crazy bitch behaviour and she is that. Period.

Also there are women who I myself call ¨normal¨. I can talk with them,
even talking about this other narcissist-physopath, and they will say,
one thing, stop being around her. And they are right.

At the same time, I talk to these women who unlike myself have a husband and kids, good jobs,
and it seems in the outside everything is great.
They are good looking women, and also the wife´s of my old friends.
My real Friends, four that is, and I´m having sex with their wifes while they have a family.
I don´t know, is it my fault? Is it theirs? Is there a gray zone?

After spending too much time in the underworld you might say, the ¨overworld¨, some, not all obviously,
seems to be strange meaning the certain human relationships at the same time it all looks very normal
in their day to day life.

I´m just a tool for them to play, and I guess it is vice versa
we do have fun in the bar talking about everything, and then the sex.
Again, not all, but human behaviour is quite interesting obviously including myself.

Just wondering. I wrote this long time ago and just published it in this great blog.

The only exception, the only perfect woman… mother. That you better believe or I can cut your knee.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

You play pretend

When you play pretend
you say to yourself there is no end
the end will drop you
there is one way out
that is to say oneself shout…..
fuck this person, fuck the other one, e.t.c.
in your own realising
sorry…..I just saw a woman that is hot:
people will give you the middle finging
seen and done so much pretending
even harder than being the reality kingping

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

This shit only happens to me

I´m going to choke myself while a ride an my mental health.

So if I remember correctly, it´s fucking Saturday.
I do remember I don´t have a credit card, so my bank
opens until 11 a.m. to get money from the teller, after that it is shut,
so you have to use a credit or debit card. How in the world did I go to
the bank today truly thinking I´ll get 10$ for the weekend?
When I´m in this town, I´m constantly shitface. Not the last two weeks,
thank you thank youuuuu, yes you people, so out I go to find out I have no money for the basics…
cigarettes! Well, and food, so here I am. Told the story to my mother, I knew she was
going to laugh at me, she has cancer, best remedy in life is to laugh at yourself, not constantly,
so now I have fulfilled my day by making a great woman laugh….at me. I´m just a hero. Jeeeesus….
Where the fuck is my mind, lalalala land? I need a girl to help me through these…hum, rough times.
I say again, I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH A GIRL TO HELP ME….concentrate. Plus I´m good in the sack.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.