Why do women weare makup?

Feeling good
I had to put the makup on my dying mother, feeling good for her,
Tha actual question for me is why guys are so conscious about their looks,
Again, feeling good.
I´m just a dirty old school type of person, not going to shave my body,
that´s fucking weird for a dude. Each to his own, feeeeeling good.
(How in the hell did I come up with this? While watching Fox of the News?… feeeeling good)

Sever and clear (over 18)

Things go nutty
I got now a boyfriend called Slutty
Kind of wussi
I still like to eat pussy
So… we sever and clear at the end
I bought a hen in the super of market,
it was alive so I had to sever the head and clear the corpse
hence the title of a chicken post
it is written, fortunately or unfortunately and I don´t give a shit
“puff puff” spit dance a beat or something

(I did say this outloud…jeesus christ, going off the cliff)

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


My Conclusion
Could be your delusion
Situational awarness
Has to be you harness

(something new here? by the way why the fuck do I got in the reader all these people
saying how to sell the blog I know how to sell it but not in the monitary sense for me,
sell it or sell them….blurry face, the fuck out of my reader I have too much time
to go to the old days….. that was weird, Corona Corona!!!!! Wake up you need to make money
mama said) End parenthesis.

Gangsters paradise, plus video!

Before I say something I should say I worked for you, yes, army tho who?
Got out of the army, sorry sorry
Don´t worry
I did commit crimes, mixed with “weird” people,
for me,
spent 6 months in jail,
my fail,
agressiveness at that time that is,
you could not take from this his,
number of stories about that part of my life
but I always had a save background knife
my mother who is a wife to a great man,
i had that,
not like the others idiots that also can have it, some not,
but a lot had family support, not in their later choices in life,
but had it as growing up, they or better you choose the wrong path,
i only remember my FIRST family right wrath.
( 3 posts in half a day, or 4 hours or so.. out of here, read ya later)

WordPress girl in 8 sentences

About 2-4 years ago, I´m terrible at keeping track but it could be a good snack,
this lady in wordpress she contacted me by phone. I didn´t remember this by the way
until I was watching a documentary about who the fuck knows, just popped into my head,
lady called from the U.S, I wasn´t prepared, talking to me with her cute voice
she tells me ” I thought you were funnier and more crazy”. I just kept on telling how
she was and is everything o.k and all that b.s. Not a mess, she send me photos of her,
not sure if it was her or not would be my guess, anyways funny thing, ADD I must have
if watching a documentary of God knows what … reminds me of this crazy experience.


You fucking
Me liking.. your falsehoody
Thank goodness I don´t have AIDS
Because of your decision mistakes
And mine….. decision was mine to have sex, or just fuck might be the word
I prefer to stay blind seeing the bird
You know that, what the fuck am I telling anything new?
I do believe the sky is blue

(don´t send me a text message or … you´ll probably figure out
how to fuck me even more with this social media thing, you still a bitch,
you do fuck with guys to pay the rent, nothing new here but a bit weird, but i love you,
got to have love…in certain occasions=) End parenthesis
( At least you got me to write something about, shout) End of the parenthesis.
(I should be smarter…. damn) And what the fuck the bitch told me she fucked me
when I needed it, that is perceptive on the other human brain, fuck me for being sorry for me?
And, what the fuck happened with the good old days that I was fucking left and right and the
girls would actually call on my door. We went down streamt.
Read you later you fuck, just making friends.

Blue eyes

I´m just hot!… or at least the eyes,
mother told me she dated guys
with blue eyes.
I believe is a plot for her to wanted to have a kid with blue perfect blue eyes,
Holy shit with the writing……

Stay Frosty gents and hello gentesses, ME! Look at the blue eyes so you can fantisize
and you be nice. I´m good in the bed also…..,,, Period.

Jeeeesus with the quarnatine, if I was already nutty I´m going a step further.

This is turning into a diary…

I´m just go and unload on humanity and…. with more time I can get off my one half neuron
read you all. I mean all and in the good way that is.
So I have this idiot from wordpress actually follwing what I see on Youtube.
It is going to be interesting since for him… left politcs, right politics, military,
porn, my life is an opent book. So so, I try not to be a smart ass, yet people.. people are
people but in my case is not in me to wake up every day and try to find out a way to destroy
the other person.And that is their downfall. I won´t win the battles, but I do win the war.
The other day, yesterday…go figure how I was not reminding yesterday. I see my bitch
ex girlfriend, yes I said bitch but not because she is my exgirlfried if you want to see it that
way; who in their right mind would think that a girlfriend is a person who fucks for money?
(That also goes for you police,the local corrupt police that monitores me). So I see it comming,
“yes beautiful of course I will meet you today” I knew she had something planned and not
for the good knowing this one. So I actually (And I know is hard for normal people to understand)
put myself in a situation for her to eventually record me by her phone, and jeeesus… lady,
won´t use more the B word, you might as well do it a little more subtle.
So there goes the trifecta, against the local police, the dummy who thinks I have something to hide
blogger, and this bitch. Which talking about her,.. does this one think I´m so dumb I don´t know
what she is planning and doing? That goes for the police and the iditot blogger.
And humanity!!!!!