The man, the legend

I think I have to be a narcissist, only putting pictures of me.
Yes, I, am the MAN!!!
Guys want to be like me and women want to be with me.
That last sentence should constitute the Word narcissist.
Or just silly Manilly Willy,
point being after all that junk,

I have to be cooky in writing, I´m not lying.
I have to believe I am the best not like the rest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I´m sexy and you know it

Eating you slowly,
but friendly…
I´m seeeexy! and you know it
that was huge tip,
what is wrong with you
looking at the sky blue?
you don´t look at me, why?
Hi, hi, heello.
Fuck it, I´m the pro
you ho… it was that howerner?
I know you love me, the blog is called
Crazy life as it was a intent with my head sound.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

analysis of information

Analyse of information is all. And I have no idea how
I came across this thing, ya know! But I think that is every two moons.
It is in Spanish though….. I can translate it in 2 sentences…or more.

Everything is information, you wake up and
your mind is already working based on the information
you had.There is also disinformation, but all is tangible information.
Just to keep it light what I just wrote. But this man, who knows who
the hell he came from with this information thing, but what he says is true,
and if you don’t get it you are in a disadvantage.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m just sexy

here he goes
with a bunch of mind hoes, that is word that is my reality, shit there goes gravity, i just sing
while spinning
while the girl is sucking
while she’s a bit of that drinking
all those pilings
is my …nothing, or just fulfilling
what the fuck did i just write
and people talk about writers block…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I’m sexy and you know it

I’m sexy and you know it
do do do do
you can be a Brit or take the exit
to where? Without me… you can’t be
hey ladies!
don’t be cruel
and take advantage of this guy that is so cool
can anybody give be a stool? I just want to sit
sit and spit, my words of humanity and there goes my gravity
of the situationally of specifically,
I’m sexy and you know it.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

yo delincuente

fucking picture should go on top….wasssap with wordpress, playing mind games with me, I’ m sexy and you know it

This is for your girlfriend

Hi, my name is Charles
what else?…temptation is me
you have to let go and be free
now…. hit it!

I´ll take you home
so you can sing your own horn
taking off your dress
so i don´t spill on you my lot of mess
i know
filthy silly
having a big “Willy”
and you can´t retrieve it
in your head
i made you the favor the be ….just nuts
with my big co…k in there
hopefully you are not all that of the scare
get out of my home
i got to get to the Texas Astrodome

Stay Frosty gentesses.

Graffiti girl

I saw you with your back towards me at first,
so focus, so intense, on your universe-
For me it didn´t make much sense staring at the great white wall,
it was for me an act of small-
My brain was immersed observing your blond hair,
that beautiful, captivating aura you spelled in the air-
You managed to get an empty white wall
and turn my heart, less frigid, and about to be a dolly doll-
Love you for that and we will always have that much.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.