short story

who do you live with?(50 word story)

The ten year old boy stepped out of his room. It was late at night,he had
been woken up by the sound of “tak tak”. He saw his father typing on a
small keyboard,he suddenly heard a loud “bang”, police arrested
his father, charged with espionage against America for China.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Laura the butcher(50 word story)

The door bell rang, Laura stopped cutting a piece of meat and opened the door.
To the surprise of his friend Frank her white sweater was covered in red,
Frank laughed at her simple explanation and left, she returned to cutting up
her now ex-boyfriend Mike who had been late for dinner.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the waiter(flash fiction)

He sat at the poker table dressed in jeans and a red t-shirt surrounded by the elite
of New York dressed in dark suits. The “suits” looked at each other and laughed at
the disheveled new player.
The cards were passed. He won. He burned the cards and left the 50 grand
in one hundred dollar bills.The suits laughed but did find strange how in the world
the nutcase had entered.The next day the “suits” went to the bank, since they were
the presidents of those banks and each “suit” realized they had been robbed of one million
dollars totaling ten million. By that time there was a waiter in Boston counting the ten million.
Before the dishevel young men entered the poker room in that New York house,
he was their waiter who cleaned and with access to their wallets and all their information.
Being the computer geek he was, it wasn’t hard for him to access the bank computer system
with the directors personal information.
In the circle of thiefs they call him The Waiter.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

testing, attention please

Hey! It is not sexting, I said texting! testing attention please.

Testing, I can bet that I will get immediately a LIKE from certain people,
I have to learn about that software. Not really. I find it insulting, my heart is trembling.
Not really. But when I hit the button LIKE it is because I have read MOST the above
since obviously we don´t have time to be sitting in front of a computer all day, but I make my
best effort to read (rapid fire but I get the point) and learn from all those people.
Followers….obviously is good, specially that my profession is to write and you should buy my
next porn novel. Followers, I can truly say something true without minding shi shi hindig….
I like that people will read my nutty things, but at the same time I have
been so low, living the street life, that what? No followers…holy, that is big stuff then.
I usually find curious people that put into their post that ¨ I reached X amount of followers¨.

I´m sympathetic by nature,I have learned over the years to put myself in another people’s shoes,
not all obviously but quite some, try to look it in their perspective. That is why I was
a good criminal in my past life. I write, for me and for you, that is the truth. But,
to get my priorities straight, I write for me. I just enjoy it and then I hit publish.
There is always that feeling of ¨are people going to read me?¨. Just human nature,
but why would I think of a plan B if I shoot for plan A, I can get there through this blog
or another one with other name or just fucking make it happen. Not that hard.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Got the point? I´m just writing while high on the joint.

a letter to Sara (part 2. End)

Sara responds.

dear Bob i received your letter that i drenched in water. so much
blabbering, sobbing,it´s just disgusting. does it sting? my words
are like daggers i hope you bleed to death. Bob, really, get over it,
see a psychiatrist, i said psychiatrist not a dentist. my name is not
Sara, sir i´m a 15 year old girl named…i´m not going to tell a creep
like you out of the blue. I hope you seek clinical help and stop the
harassment with, this first and last letter!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

A letter to Sara (part 1)

give me a decimal of a chance Sara, it will be the last chance to show you
i can dance. i made thousands of mistakes before, i know, but the wind blows
now in the right direction. i have said that before with lure, this time i
can tell you why is different.i found God he lead me to sobriety, it has been
a long and difficult road, it has been 40 years now sober i´m not that young ogre.
i want to be yours Sara. my heart has always had a picture of you in my heart stuck
in it, needles in my heart making it bleed slowly but surely. i´m almost out of
blood left now. give me that decimal chance to show you before i die. it is my
last wish of this old sinking fish.

Stay Frosty gents and gentessess.

Doctor in shock (short story)

True story…unfortunately

Yesterday I had two appointments with the docs, that in itself can tell you how great my health is.
I’m waiting for over an hour for my number to come up in the t.v screen to enter room 13.
I’m looking at the t.v, looking down at my little piece of paper with my number, looking
and looking for almost two hours.That day I woke up at seven a.m, barely slept three hours,
my head is dead basically, I only focus on the freaking t.v screen to see if my number comes up.

It´s a huge waiting area, people are mad since they too are waiting way too much,
lets say there was not a Merry Christmassy spirit in the air, actually more like an air of death,
of psychopaths.

Ding! my number comes up, shit finally. I sit up with my eyes almost closed,
I’m trying extremely hard not to go to sleep for the final few steps until I get to the door.
I enter and the doctor tells me to ¨take off my clothes from waist up¨ and then she leaves.
Well, as I said before my state of mind was in a zen mood, my neurons not moving too fast,
so I took off all my clothes. She walks in, basically screams
¨what are you doing?!!¨except she did use the F word. I too was a bit in shock,
I looked at her a bit dumbfounded and told her that she did tell me to take off my clothes,
in my head I was thinking she was the nutty one. I did, unintentionally, a shock and awe on her.
She reminded me that she actually told me to take my clothes off from the waste up.

I think she was thinking I did it on purpose, which is what most people would think really,
so now, not even the ¨digestive¨ doctor will want to see me. My name is famous in that hospital,
they should rename it after me. This woman will never forget this patient for sure.
This crazy shit only happens to me. But now thinking about it and telling the story to people,
they all seem to find it extremely funny, but, thinking a second time,
I just sexually harassed a doctor…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.