The two sinful words

I have to get out of bed and run…
half hour more in this cozy bed then-
i will spend, two hours running;
later i´m snoring
i ate that bait
handed it to myself in a glorified plate

I sit down in front of the computer…
finally, but i don´t feel nothing really specially
o man… screw it, don´t even want to touch the keyboard
my mind is not working creatively, the novel is too much, too hard, forget it,
i´m mixed in a world of haziness
becoming even more craziness

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The good sinner

I´m a sinner as you can see above
Fuking devil and no love

I was
A drunk
A faithful skunk

Every day
Perpetrating for others dismay

Seen the worst of humanity
There was some filthy gravity

Tought me the evil world
I did the curl

Now being aware
I got a new love, the world I see and do in dismay.

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.

I´m a sinner

I´m a sinner
since i was beginner
lust and dust
is my must
love has disappear
in both mental ears
trafalgar cruising
going whoring
in the morning
spending money
as much as bees lay honey
drugs swirling
people curling
stealing was one of my trades
for some they will go in dismay´s
criminal record i got
don´t give much thought
what´s done is done
no way of changing so is forgone
once a girl called me hero
that was laughable and a zero
was in the army
Spanish Legion revolutionary
was a part of living
what a fucked up life
it can be a device

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

GOD (poem)

Giving me guidance to me, the imperfect, I sure need it, hope you believe it and forgive it
Onother day that I look up to you, I always ask you for help when I´m in a bind I know is not right my mind
Doing me a favour everytime,why don´t you mind? Hope today YOU tell the truth since you are the real sleuth

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses have a great day.