sleeping disorder

What´s the reason for sleeping?

Can somebody tell me why humans sleep. I don´t see the point in it, you don´t do anything except have dreams. Which are just fantasy, although I have to say I do like some of my dreams, a bit kinky but hey at least those are the fun ones. But apart from that what is the whole point of sleeping, productivity in the day is degraded by this monster. Why God or if you don´t believe in Him why in the world did either He created us with dreams or that evolution was also a bit screwed up since it has let us with 6-8 hours of a 24 hour a day being in a comma. So what in the world is the reason for sleeping?……Just a thought I had after waking up from my nap.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.




Early in the morning rising to get high, light me up a cigarette and that way I can fly. It´s 5:30 a.m can´t go to sleep and I don´t know about a scam I might be delirious but I´ll get you when I can. Got my opener, the opener of cans, that´s some shit right there which will get you nowhere so I just ramble on to write what I can, just from thought to hand is what it catch you when I can, so just writing with no meaning in sight I just feel like doing so because I just can, so did I loose my mind in some great wine, those who taste like shit but will have you in my list so I puff away to my cool little cigarettes, and I just don´t think, I just write some random stuff and keep an opener to be buff……………. What?