Writing this to promote my reason….
I did read 3 books on it, and not because I was being smart,
my father has it in his personal library, and this is when I was a kid.
My guess is that what I think and wrote, or maybe just said it to mom…
I was reading these books about the communist( not capitalist)
and they try and try and nothing works out.
I actually got to the point I was rooting for them after their 106 congress, they like
those names plus they are quite good at making other names to stick.
Capitalism, it´s in human nature. Stick 5 people in one remote island and one of them
is going to find the fish, then the others are going to fight for that fish, and then
another will sell it. It´s human nature. Socialism just does not work for humans,
unless you are the one who is in charge and your friends that pay you are on top.
But does not work for the rest of us.

I´m the kinger of women

living with two hot girls
and they don´t have curls?
not easy
you all peasy
but i do have a way
and is burried in hay
but it seems it works for me that way
i know you more than you know me.
have been through the ringer
i just choose to focus on my writing
they forgot that and pissed i´m not flirting
wich actually is rarerigly

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Best sentences yet to be read.

-Contrary to what most people think adversity doesn´t build character, but rather it reveals character.

-The fish stinks from the head.

-Loyalty above all else except honour.

-Once you hit rock bottom you can only go up

-Make love to the nigh.

-Peace through brute force.

-Let the smoke sometimes stay in my ass not always get to my head.

-They  call them smart phones but only dummies use them.

-I can see you!! This is glass I´m looking through.

-Donating your eggs is equal to the exchange of currency.

-Hit everything that is not nail down to the ground.

-Meet love with love, meet fear with force.

-Humans default mode is complacency, many fail to commit to  developing their natural gifts.

-The “she” factor. Ladies! I´m a MAN, Booyaaa! Acting like a man that is a man.

-If you´re obsessed with security, you can´t leave free, can´t do nothing.

-Depth of commitment until death.

-If your going to hell just keep on going.

-I just go to hell and regroup, I never die.

-All God does is watch us and kill us when we get boring. We must never ever be boring.