Are you O.K?

3:30 exactly, “ring ring” my phone, and the number is… “private number”,
apart from living in a shit town that I got into fights with drug dealers, thiefs, e.t.c.
they are not going to scare me away but they did scare all our neighbours. You call the police?
Yep, nothing happens. So is me and me.

3:30 exactly, phone rings and is the same guys calling me for several days telling me I´m going
to die this night. Getting bored actually since it has been the same calls for days and nothing
happens. Do these idiots know who they are talking to by the way? I can track you down and I will.

I do not believe in coincidences, by so proclaimed girfriend, according to her in my fathers Facebook,
called me the same day at 11 p.m and two hour later these idiots call threatening me. She is in those
type of circles, I actually fine it funny when she calls ( I know I should not pick up) and asks me
” Are you o.k? Honey” yes, I´m not dead as you want me to be so I´m o.k. This girl is freaky,
I won´t even blame the other guys calling me to say they will kill me, literally. I know is just
intimidation tactics nothing is going to happen. But for them, since I know they will read this,
it is not in your interest, you will be the one dead if you try anything against me as I told him
after this little bitch rang on the phone and woke me up.

I do not believe in coincidences that my self proclaimed girlfriend calls first and now I got these
idiots calling saying a bunch of bullshit, she is behind it. I just know it, I will track their cell phone
down and me, not police, me will fuck you up.

(I thought the picture was cool, now back to sleep…actually no they made me a favour, I do have to write
my incredible novel, pretty good I am at talking about this then switch off and concentrate on the important things
comes way back how to train your mind, army did help me, but I believe I was born with it, the switch on swithch off)