Being a soldier

Before the internet goes out, by some sort of magically,
I will be silly.

How many stories are there to count?
Quite the amount.

Firs, basic training and if it was not for this Nazy guy, literally a nazy,
but he did give this speach to our platoon and my guess it was designed for me.

Once you aee that they have it, plus people help you, in this case was a Nazi, good guy,
he saw in me some potential, so there we go. Although with hime or otthers that posted
in the “room” teh Cheke Vara vlag, I won´t go out and have a beer with them,
but if they were doing the job, it is what is counts. Quite a job by the way, and I was old.
I was 19, these guys where 18, and older guys that is 25 or something they where old.

spanish army

Lets make it quick,
watching too much of military videos,
it seems for once spanish televison does portray our soldiers,
watching earlier on our speciall forges guy, or Green barettes in english.
I was in the Spanish Legion, and at the time was my religion,
we worked with our special forces guys, and to be honest…. I hate to jump out off planes,
scubbbbba….. something diving, but they do. We worked as a support force for them.
Lot of training, now I´m going back…fuck that. Love ya. Read you latter you animator.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


Prompt by

I´m good at stream of consciousness, I just mind scream and let me begin,
Hero? I make fun of the army days if not I would be walking in some kind of dissmase,
where the fuck WordPress put the prooffread,prooff!! Kind of weird, I have to put more time
on this writing thing.
Hey!Army days, look at that photo of a hero so you are a zero.
I think I wrote it yesterday, but it is today another day.
I was a soldier first class, they upgraded me to Corporal in Afghanistan,
that place is a chant.
So in charge of 4 other guys, my guys. Love them.

I shot 3 guys, don´t know if I killed them or the other crazy´s under me finished them, I like that, Under, Under,
quite a responsibility really,taking care of my 4 crazies, and they for me, so we killed 3 idiots,
we had no body bags so the great military imagination of my lieutenant, which never went with us in a patrol,
he said put them in the car, we had a convoy of 5 VAMTACS( a shitty Spanish car trying to be a HUMBVEE)
So now I got 4 people in my car, my soldiers, plus two dead guests, the idiots we shot, so there we are,
staring at each other, staring at the dead idiots,pissed off, the heat is tremendous, the smell is great,
and we just started laughing, if you can´t find humour in those dramatic situations you are static, fucking
dead idiot I think he was still laughing, quite creepy really, but not un-really The liutenant,this guy…
You put two dead terrorist in my car, it was my car, and where did the other one go?
I wasn´t in good terms with him so he perpoussly put two fucking dead bodies, with their faces contorted,
smelling shit, he did that on purpose is my believe. But we had a laugh, sounds weird?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

stupid son of a bitch

Here it goes, army days
not for you that is sure,
3 I killed that afternoon,
where we put them? My grand liutenat thought….
just in the car, I´m looking at these dead bodies, was great.
Who was the superior, in effect inferior,
to put the 2 dead bodies in my command veihcle, great idea.
Now I´m able to buy in Ikea.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

war against the local police

I know it happens, but not against me.
Piece of crap you be,
the local pólice, they have nothing else to do
but harrass me, probably i did say something to one,

yet they are the two same
POLICE unsane
THEY, they, hit the stop sign.
I didn´t just go this morning to proof nothing,
they are the GENERALS,specially their superior that is in jail for….
selling drugs, prostitution, and more charges
regardless….. hence his subordinates, go figure.
I did say I was in not the army but the Spanish Legion,so,ho!
I subtly, or not that subtly…. i went, i saw, i gave the idiot local pólice my
ID, the military one that is, and after months of planning this game, two things
can happen, one is that the crazy one with a tatto on his left arm, so not very
smart to start his bullshit, have to explain it? A tatto that goes from the upper part
of his left arm and it is his great paintng is a cadáver so
easy to point out in court,
second I talked to….hey! The bull seargent, I still call
him THE BULL, the local, local, pólice have my military ID and the phone number of my seargeant
THE BULL, so it will not be a wonder that this crazy seargent, which I saved his life and
him to me, will do it, he literally will go into the POLICE, local pólice that is, and not so
subtly tell them or shoot them, don´t fuck with Charly the Priest.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,

Fucking picture

Took me..what it seemed to me for a day to find this. Yes, believe it or not that is me.

Believe it or not is also me.


good movie this one, i should be a commentator of movies, i think i´m too high, so lets go
military Charly was a snarly but a good looking tough young man in those days and forgot,
i did fuck those nutcases that you yelled at ¨yalla yalla!¨ meanig get out in muslim,
if they didn´t…just shoot the person. A human, even if you dislike them so much it has to be
the most brutal thing humans can do. At the same time, it is them or me and even more important
the people I worked for and even more important the other 4 idiots I was in charge of.
It´s funny this clip, and you know women you like my lip. bleeep.

A soldiers duty

Handsome Charles of Priestes, in sunny…. Ibiza!

Been in the army, and I’m also a military history buff of WWII.
So there I was yesterday Sunday night watching documentaries of that era and some general said:

¨A soldiers duty is not to ask why, his duty is to do or die¨

And I thought he was exactly right, it is not a democracy, you are a tool in a killing machine,
and that´s it, just another tool that roles and roles without much space to maneuver
if you don’t want to fuck up the machine completely hence the machine doesn’t does it´s job.
Just talking mostly of the lower ranks level.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

from soldier to writer

i thought the picture was funny,
but sorry,
not really,
yes, was in the Spanish Legion and deployed two times,
wich give me the rhymes,
bad and good,
i still like to eat tofu food,
nine years ago,
was anxious to let in my mentality household,
now a days,
writing is my sanity ways.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

my hk rifle or sandy as i called it

That is me like a renegade,
muzzle flash here and there,
that is the HK G 36 with an optic of 2 by five,
crazy right?
Depends of the unit, money, the rest to have a real optic scope
I want to say hope….
I don´t want to cope
Here goes my last crazy writing shit
I have tomorrow and sleep
Plus…4 fucking posts in one day? You crazy

out of here, read you later you innovator

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.