Guess who? It was just a “chilly” day, and since we are so cool since we didn’t go to school
we just thought to wear that shit.

Here is the theory of a guy, that he has had it rougher than we did.
And it had to be an American….. damn you!!! Why do we Spanish never get in t.v
and be cool heroes. With a red cap like superman. I actually like this guy,
you hear it in youtube,since we never talked about this subject, so/….. I also
listen to this youtube thing and hear other soldiers say stupid shit, at least
in my mind. This guy got it right, yet again at least in my mind.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Women on the frontlines…not cool

A quick thought(342 words) getting to the point. I know people don’t want
to read a dissertation paper about it, no time me no time you no time we no…. hit it.

I served in the Spanish Legion as an infantry man. We had two women
in our company of 80 people (yes, that is the number in a Spanish company)
and they were a pain in the ass.

You have a bunch of 18 to twenty something years old guys, that are horny as hell,
specially when you put them when you are deployed in a very stressful environment,
when you don’t see a girl in months, you are horny.

They Americans say “band of brothers” not band of brothers and sisters.

It is true the firs part, we are a band of brothers even if you don’t particularly like
most of the guys you are with. But it is a macho culture, they did pee on me when I was
asleep and there are more anecdotes this is just one to keep this post short. And you take
it and then you do it yourself to the other guy, and we all laugh, and we get into fights
between us, then we laugh about the fights, then we laught about shooting people or dead bodies,
and is basic, is just a stress reliever when you are put into those kind of environments when
all is crazy and you better have a laugh at it or you’ ll become depresses and combat ineffective.
Not all that laughing about shooting people though, I did go a bit over the top there, but there
was no crying about it.

So if we have our differences between all these guys, you add the women in our mix, it does
destroy unit cohesion, that is the key words, unit cohesion.

They might very well do some of the same things men do in training but when bullets start
flying in my experience it was us guys that would react and these two girls didn’t do shit,
again it comes to unit cohesion and that bond that you have as a tough guy. And you better have
that mentality when the real shit hits the fan.
Although I know is hard for civilians to understand.

I just made my semi argument in 342 words.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
Why the fuck the picture goes on the bottom? weird….


I have no memory of me getting up close and shooting the guy in the face
I was going to make this rhyme but not,
we did have a little scope mounted in the rifle,
so I do know i hit 5, but did I kill them?
I have no clue if it was my bullet that killed the men
or was all the other bullets pouring into their position.

Funny story, if you have a dark sense of humour that is,
we get into a firefight and we have 3 muslim nut jobs killed,
there they are the lieutenant and two sergeants the greatest mind
in the world talking about where the fuck we put the bodies….fuck this idiots
I actually ended the patrol with a dead body in my spanish version of a Humvee,
except our was not armoured, you can throw a rock and it will go through and through,
so there I am scanning my sector with a fucking nutjob muslim that I have killed or
we have killed riding with me in the back of the stupid car.

Not very good idea this idiots came up with, the idiots were my superiors.
The bodies do stink, actually to me when I looked at this
idiot, wich by the way was shooting at me, I jus saw a manikin, it was a bit surreal,
so here we go bouncing in the car and the idiot is pushing me through the window,
the idiot the dead body, kind of freaky really. So there I am covering my sector
at the same time pushing the dead body to my right.

And guess what was the joke…me, I was the one calling on the radio telling my
superiors what we had, and the fucking idiots just laughed. And the three other idiots
that took this great decision, well… these guys should run for
president of the universe.

So picture the scene, the three greatest minds on earth trying to figure
out what to do with dead people, my opinion just leave the fucking bodies there
but no, we had to show it to the idiot of the coronel, so fuck that, I’m hitching
my cool ride with a dead person falling on top of me, but MY guys did have a laugh,
is just stress reliever in those fucked up situations, so that was me….
I was the guy holding a dead body. Not cool after so many years of that, actually it is funny,
and I will tell you why, because of MYy nutjobs, they smiled, some jokes around and the spirit
was up.
The End.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I am Charly the great

Damn, it is 7 a.m, I can can can not sleep
so I’m going to kill a sheep
counting sheeps while I sleep
is quite a relief,
what the fuck am I talking about?
Have no idea, no message to send, nothing, just bored out of my fucking mind

I am Einstein!!!… That was a cool quote.

Take a look you bunch of neanderthals type of crook
This is what I was watching, fuck me, and I can relate to that,
but I was never in a position to speak outloud…..military is a dictatorship
you can’t talk even if I had a grand idea as to how we could f them up, nope
dope, mouth shut ass tingly tingly….by the way I am not drunk, and I think
since I’m stopping the drinking the body just does not let me sleep, so here I am
listen to it if you want…. why the hell do I watch this things? Maybe is some
kind of masochism that I like or something, yaaaaaa know! Kind of weirdo!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses…..can somebody tell me joke?