My mom has an enemy….called google!!

The conversation
Mom- I don´t like people following me.

Son- What? ( a bit confuse as to where this came from all of a sudden)

Mom- People in the internet follow me

Son- Mom, who in the world is following you if you rarely get in the internet

Mom- google

Son-google what?!!!

Mom- google follows me, I hate that.

Son-How in the world is google going to follow you, is this going in the same
direction as to the “cloud” thing.

Mom- What cloud?

Son- You know when you said you send emails and they get lost in a cloud….

Mom- Shut up idiot, I´m talking now about google following me.

Son-Google doesn´t follow anybody!! (my face turning red)

Mom- Yes they do, I type a word for them to search and then I get a message
telling me that nothing is found with that word, and they keep sending me
more messages.

Son- (thinking, what the, this woman has gone the deep end) Mom it´s a
notification telling you that they haven´t found anything related with what
you have put in the search, they´re helping you.

Mom- I don´t want anybody helping me! Let alone a computer that knows every
move I make, a person follows me, it irritates me.

Son- You fucking kidding me….

Mom-No, and stop swearing, but I hate that google person.

Son- Is not a person.

Mom-Well how does it know what I´m searching and then it also gives me ideas
as to what I would like to see,I know what I like to see, why does this person
has to tell me what I want to see.

Son- If you click in certain places it tracks that and then it gives you web pages
that you might be interested in,is not like you have to go there by force.

Mom- See? I told you, that person is following me.

Son- (sighs)

Mom- ( a smirk on her face)

Forgot, father- laughing out loud, nodding his head.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.