you can´t put me in a box

I am not being a smart ass, it sounds though.

So the BIG problem is that I had sex with the new tenent,
I actually asked the other woman if she was trustworthy, I´m not…..
She said yes since she was tired of the other Marrocan girl, Spanish guy, you name it,
So who is the trustworthy then? You tell me ” I want friendship”, me too. But suddenly
you accuse me of fucking with the other, you got that one right though, but do not ever
tell me you are going to call the pólice as she well said all kinky and smarty, not flying.
You became my enemy, my cards though, ace, not doing anything dumb. Talked with the chief of pólice,
or Guardia Civil, I was born to certain circle in Spanish government that I do not talk about,
kind of stupid if I would, so I wrote her a letter to my supposed landlord living here illegally,
put my name, my ID, and the name of the person she would be very interesting to talk with. Bitch.
That happens to you for being a smart ass

This was thereaupitic…. what´s up with the proofread?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.