Dumb and Dumber

This prompt was given out by FFfAW – Week of 09-08-2015 | Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
and the photo taken by pricelessjoy.

Both men wearing a black ski mask exited the Bank of America on a rainy day
with half million dollars.

They got into the car.

“You kidding me?” John who was the mastermind of the robbery asked his accomplice.

“What?” Michael responded.

“A freaking mini van?”

“It´s a car.”

“A slow one idiot.” John said a bit irritated.

As they started to pull out of the parking lot they heard a cry from the back seat. Both men
looked at each other with eyes as big as plates. They slowly turned and saw a baby sitting
there crying his eyes out.

“Michael, when you robbed this piece of crap  you really didn´t check that there was a
small human being in the back? First rule of car jack, make sure there is nobody inside and less
off all, a baby!!”

“Just drive!”Michael shouted.

“Can´t do my friend, not with a kid.”

They looked outside the soaked front window of the car and the blurry lights of police cars where visible.

The gig was up.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.