Proud to be spanish

I promise I´ll catch up with you guys hopefully tomorrow when I can use my
own computer. Plus write some poetry for everybody to be amazed, with haze….
Long story short about the video, we have in Spain one región which is catalonia,
were half of the population wants Independence and made an ilegal referéndum to accomplish it
and the other half of the catalonians live in fear
of the independist except when we show up in some kind of forcé there, this was catalonia, look at all the people now that feel safe. We didn´t sen´t the military, imagine if in the U.S one State
would say, ¨ I´m ouutta here¨ we only send the National pólice and the Civil Guard,
which basically started as a paramilitary forcé, they are now a pólice forcé.

Spanish election day

Attention please, be at ease, it was election day
it seems like a replay,
the socialist will win with the support of the extreme left,the independent parties,
parties and more parties, even the ¨animal lover party¨as I call them got votes enough
to put people in our senate, jeeesus, these people will vote on how Spain is goverened…
by pigs!They are a party that supports animals, that is their basic platform, so they
must like pigs, I couldn´t even count how many parties there are….
so we are fucked, wouldn´t it sucked if in the U.S the government made decisions
for their people when they are in the pocket of another party that doesn´t want to be a U.S State?
Socialist, anarchist and independent- that don´t feel like Spanish will run Spain
what in the world happened to the SPANISH KINGDOM….what happened to those good old days?
their mixed up in a bunch of hays.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Jail time

I´ll be probably out by this morning, have the police standing
around me as of right now. They know me, I know them and their last
police chief that was indicted for stealing the marrocans drugs,
prostitution, and a bunch of things. These idiots know me I know them,
The are actually waiting standing just over me, good news is that
they can´t read english, good news I´ll just spend the night in a better
bed that I have in my cool room.
They know about my past history and unfortunately for them I know them.
After spending almost 5 years in the army, these bitches for me, will
be great in the long run. Family is involved,the ones who I love. Why did they came?
It was an ugly fight with the marrocans, had to pull the knife specially
when they got access to my apartment. I just can not and will not stay back.
How you doing police shit? Those are actually my words to these two idiots behind
me, where are the cuffs? Nope, probably they had a shortage of them.

Stay Frosty gents and gents, forget about women, 😉

These idiots are still standing behind me, that can tell you something.


Peace is the only way for the understanding of man kind,
it’s a mutual accord if humanity can afford….but no,
is not how this life go,in my country Spain there is a lot
of turmoil now wich the Catalans, people showing pictures
of the police charging the violent manifestators wich they
are the puppets of their creators, liers and manipulators Peace…..
there was half of the other part of Catalonia that finally
manifested themselves in huge numbers in favour of keep
being part of Spain, “silent minority”, why so late did they
go to the streets in favour of staying as part of Spain, because
of their pain, and fear, they live there in fear,there was numerous
incidents after the manifestation that people wearing the Spanish flag
got attacked, neighbours pointing fingers at other neighbours, they
are the majority but are silence by a violent minority the Catalans are
divided, but you can’t talk peace with those who violate
a countries laws and are violent themselves, you talk peace through
strength get the army out and put them in their dumb shelf’s.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Ordinary Soldier


not my fault….. just the only picture I have in uniform and over there, that they actually send me quite a bit of years ago to my email, the other ones are printed, and me being the genius of computers I have no clue how to upload them, plus I’m “working” out from a freaking public library, by the way, you do see strange people here…….

don’t do much of the extraordinary
Hell, probably going there…
I’m not sorry
so don’t have to worry
Except, for my bastards
those nut cases where  my stars

Apart from that, well I don’t give a shit
I just spit
how, why, what…. but the training did snap

those special operations….
where did these guy come from?
they’re strange creations

So yep, ba di be di pi pop!
just sending a wassap
so later on I can just snap, and even later take my afternoon nap

Ordinary……so, HIT IT!!!!
not stationary
we carry
the evil prairie
have a bit of a hurry
we don’t much worry
tough we where so I’m not sorry

We did and we saw quite some incredible things
Like exterminate  some human beings

No Play Station game
we had no fame
most or if  not all our country felt shame
for what we did without much paid

Just the ordinary doing what they volunteered to do
for who? I guess it was suppose to be you

holy shiat with the “But” . I do have a nice one…Jesus, where did my head go
I now got her on a strong hold, no worries, back to the theme
this is not a smoke  screen so at the end of the day, the ordinary knows and feels
not the extraordinary , just couldn’t hack it no more as before.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.