Spanish Legion

The dead boyfriend

A bit of background to this, in the Legion we have what we call ” El Novio de la muerte”,
which basically I should have translated to english in the title.
WHat for Americans is Easter Holiday, we have this, and people love it, specially in the south of Spain,
specially love it when th Spanish legionaries do their shit, I never was one of them, since a few are
selected for this, plus another truth they get an extra $$$$$$, my mother hated when I joined the Legion,
but she loves watching these kind of stuff, not the ‘real” thing but this. So here you go momma,
and sista,a brotha, and…. I think I smoked a joit…..Nope. So here you go,
It’s a Spanish tradition.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Spanish Legion vs Parachute guys

I was in the Spanish Legion,are the ones with green and fucking little hats to your left.
So that is we do or I did in the army with the Legion and this little punks of uniiversity
people need their “safe zone”, and you really want to mix women with our fraternity,
a killing fraternity at the end, but as you can see in today’s age this is “bullying”…..
People who have been in the military or army or whatever branch, you always make fun
and denigrate the other branch, so put women there, lets see how it goes. NO Political Correctness.
I’m so sorry.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Spanish legion

Holy wakamoly, if you can believe it that was me at age 19,
after 4 months of training they induct you in this fraternity
and they give you they “Chapiri”, or the fucking hat that was uncomfortable, yet
again everything is uncomfortable in the military I can guarantee you that much,
it sounds dumb and for me all the chanting and the hat and all the “process”
but I just wanted to taste combat. Although I was
a very “green and green” soldier. Still fun to remember.
You can watch if you want the firs 1 minute, I never learned
all the “canticos”, or chants….I already said that, dam! Now you
know why I joined…..

Stay Frosy gents and gentesses.