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My new hero! Video

What a woman this one, Beatriz Fanjul, she is from the Vasc Country a providence of Spain.
That providence is ruled by PNV party that wants the independence from Spain.
Not to bore you with all the little details, but damn this girl is hot and smart.
They should have her more on media pushing the message than she is on this show of …
I call him Fede, Federico Jímenez Losantos, I was in his house with his children,
when I was a kid that is,
he eventually worked for my father long story that one but he is an A-hole.
This can get me in trouble, but is the least of druble.

Stay with what I said about my new hero, you got to understand that first she is a woman
second she comes from the region of Spain the Vasc Country (like me and my family)
with all the terrorist there fighting for their own fucked up independence, sorry not
fighting but killing innocent people that they don´t agree with their own ideology.
This woman is taking on the fight in not only that form but also the so called
feminist that want to put each single guy in jail. A courageous lady. Very few people now a days,
be it male or female will talk outloud for their personal and right principles. That is to be admired.
Hope I expressed myself a little correct, tried to make it as quick as I could.

(Hey, Federico… I´m even doing you a favour you A hole, but a funny A-hole)

Don Charisma(political article)

I was asked by a fellow and friend blogger to be a guest blogger on his blog.
And the name of the blog is

I got into politics, he asked me to write about the gravity of the political situation
here in Spain(he didn’t know at first until I started commenting in the comment section)
and I was more than honored to do so. You’ll probably think someone else
wrote it, since most of those who read me are used to my crazy things. I do know a lot
about politics for the simple reason that I was born into a family of political operatives.
The ones who work behind the scenes. The ones you don’t see in t.v but are the one who the
politician relies on to win the elections. And dad is the best at it.
So in my house as a kid, it was always politics so for me it´s easy.
As you can see I´m the black sheep of the family, took another route
a drastic different route and way of life, but I still get the inside that most people
don’t get. Not my fault, I didn’t choose to be born into the political world. How to
groom the candidate, how to control the message, where to go first for more votes, e.t.c.
And know the political rivals obviously, how they operate. I just heard it since I was a kid.
Go check it out if you wish, it´s a facet of me I didn’t want to put in this blog.
Don’t go into much shock though if you go and read it, I´m still a crazy priest!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.