spies everywhere…..

Is he or she a spy?

I have always wondered if a certain person of my family is a spy, I do remember
that person telling me “once a spy always a spy” and knowing a bit of his tragectory
I say again, a bit <,I got to the conclusion the person is a freaking spy.
Not kidding here, so he or she is good to go. Can´t get smarter than this one.
I told this person that I was sending he or she (am I fooling someone?)
an email with the video if you would like watch below, very interesting.
Told this person about me sending he or she the email, just checking or he or she
was good really, that is the most important. Yet it did not surprise me or she and be
that he would told me what I heard on the video at the end of it, how the Chenese infiltrated Texas
actually the whole world but that specific comment from he or she or that or…
I thought, a holy shait!
Watch the video if you want.