Planet of the Apes video

Baseball is open? Fuck! The most common word in this video,
always liked that word. Plus I had a lugh, might as well laugh
at this also after a day or running around with a freaking mask
to this the other, the bank the no bank, the no town hall, the no shit,
but baseball I can watch baseball videos for now.

The king of kingers don´t put him through the ringer

The youtube channel will probably not let me use in my blog for you to see the video.
Seems to share it in my little blog is copyright protected or protect their shit face.
Video is about the king of soccer, Messi!
Woke up at 2 a.m, wrote my dumb novel and now to disconnect about everything in life
I just see this incredible soccer player, I actually think at this point I like most all the commentaries
from the “special soccer scientist” when they talk about him. It´s a good video of not only
the best soccer player in history I would say but also a great human being.


The title was in pularal,
yet get me in my normal…..
I do believe, in that weird in my case that is,
I did stop at one point in my age to walking and snaking
with mother,
now it seems she is “quite comfortable”, in the sense,
she knows I will die for her yet I did fuck up in life,
but that relationship she seems to be some sort at ease,
What did this trigger of writing come?
Well, her first soccer player she told me… Messi!!
(Not the first but the greatest as she told me)

I still remember as a very young kid, we as a familly happended upon(in a hotel)
these scoccer players, my father couldn´t care less, my mother? Damn!
She actually coached the coached. Hence I have his picture and autograph.
The guy was probably thinking, who does this woman so cute and and nice and knoledglable
about this soccer sport knows how much.

Apart from saying my mother is the queeeeeeenes, come on what else can I say about this womam?
She did also put me “in line” to get into that soccer field. No dummy my mother. Got to love her,
YOU. (me obviously but is not preety, so YOU)

Welcome to the big time Wee man

You can´t say to the God of football that. “Welcome to the big time wee man” like that
commentator. Or soccer for the Americans. You say that to him and he´ll destroy you.
A lot of factors if I would start to analyze each axpect of this player.
The greates thing I took out of it:
You can pull all the tricks on him
harsh, trying to physically destroy him at the least, if not want him dead and the guy still wins.
(lesson for all of us you always get back up)
Quite amazing this one, Leo Messi. Got to love soccer, specially when this guy is playing.


For the Americans is soccer, I guess I will talk about me.
Not she.
Watching too many videos of this guy,
but it brought up good memories when I was a kid.
I actually think that “picar la pelota” that is Spanish for,
when you are in the “area” of the goal and you got the gol keeper in front of you,
in half of a second you put it up his face and score.
To the core.
Then this guy Messi, has all the great atributes as a human that you can apply from soccer
to your day to day life. I think.
Not a blink.

(Holy shit with the confinement, although my so call proclaimed girlfriend went to fuck
with the black dude next to my room, it is her job I can understand she does fuck to make money
Miriam Lorenzo Calero, thank you for no AIDS) If she is a whore well that is what she is,
but don´t go on Facebook, specially on my fathers Facebook and proclaim your my girlfriend.
That is a no no, little whore. This was really ADD at is best…. I´m cool though,
don´t know how, but cool. Qite interesting this writing thing, seems it calms me.
Then put it in public…..

Video! I´m still sane in the membraine.

Decorum (video)

Grown man doing this? I can understang the kids. Even the oponets want his t-shirt.
Messi. The God of footbal. I do watch his videos a lot,(too much probably)
but it has never been in me to see my best heroes do what these grown ass man do.
Since a kid, being soccer players or others and they are plenty great world renounced players
Actually I was in-Decorum telling other kids that Santa Clause didn´t exist.
Probably created at the time
a bad mental dime.
Decorum, nice word amongs others.

(Was this a poem or what the hell?)

The fuckers of youtube or I call it yo-the-tube probably won´t let me play it here
hence you must go to youtube.