Best commentator best player

Video! Of Messi and the commentator in the first seconds is great. Had me smiling.
The youtube guys probably won´t let me watch it in the wordpress, if you want it will
say in spanish at the end to click there to watch it on youtube. I think is worth it.
Messi is incredible and the commentator had me smiling like a little girl. Nice therapy to smile.


What in the world did I just see, again…. I did say that I was very good
at soccer in the previous post. I did play first with Brunete and then
Real Madrid as a youngster. My idol then and how I modeled my form of playing
was the player Laudrup. But JF Christ, this Messi is beyond anything.
No wonder you got all these Alpha guys trying to destroy him, and they can´t.
There are other videos when the guy is literally vomiting on the field,
The pressure on this one it´s extreme. But at the end of the day, Staying Frosty.
Too good to be true. Yet is true! Now I´ll switch off and watch a porn.

Football God

Quarantine, no existin….where I live anyways. But nobody it´s outside, people
might come and go inside the house not to my room for sure, so what is the fucking
point of the quarantine? Anyways going off track, I just marvel at this soccer player
and the commentaires about him from the oponents. Once you got those athletes that are
at their top level saying what they say…it´s really incredible this guy. MESSI

You like soccer?

Futbol, there is no words to describe this one. Dribble, passes, e.t.c. Name it.
I do like amongst other things, when Messi is tackled by 4 guys literally and the ball
is still in his feat(he has glued it?) and he even looks up for a split second at the others telling them
“what´s with you idiots” maybe the guy didn´t say that or thought it, just amazing, and the guy
after his look at the others keeps them in limbo… All the experts try to put this man
in some category. For me it is easy- There is no category for this individual, no explaining,
genious at that skill and you can´t explain genious. (A lot of hard work goes into place also)

The power of love (136 words so… flash fiction?)

He sat watching the sports channel ESPN with his fiance. She talked and talked
and he listened calmly and appreciative of what she was saying. He looked at
the sunset and decide this was the time. He took her out to the balcony turned
her to face him and told her he loved her and then pushed her off the balcony,
she screamed all the way down and he just smiled.
¨fuck, that wasn´t hard¨he said to himself.

He got back to watching his favourite team, the Cowboys, he called his friend
Jack who asked how his vacation was going, he replied that it couldn´t go better,
his love of sports was dancing in the air. They kept talking about the game as they
both watch it in their respective places.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.