I couldn´t be a spy

Every familly has the fucked up relative, in this case seems it´s me.
Did very good at certain things and then screwed myself.
I´m still wondering if a certain relative is a spy,
and I´m not going off cliff here. With all I heard as a kid in passing by,
the guy is a bit scary, so no wonder I was exposed to certain weird situations
to say the least, again, I am not going off the cliff, I am a dummy but
holy shit with this familly. Quite interesting, not me, them.
And you can´t reach them. Try, just don´t work. At this point I think….
think…. I got to get to sleep, maybe it is sleep deprevation talking…..
Anyways, ways, have a great day.

The Spy

It is a fascinating world
Since my mother died this last month
I have been talking more with father
Nothing deep bother
Me making him laugh about my idiocies
So, anyways
Tomorrow his is meating with the Spy
About his work, about everything, seems a good relationship with a former Spanish spy,
My father is not new to spies, and when we talk I obviously don´t ask his name, nor much really,
Yet my father when he said the Spy was retired, I asked him why? He works around you,
He added that spies do not retire. So what better form of information than a high level spy?
Information for his work and his security and his health and his income,
Who the hell is this freaking spy, not kidding about that one if you truly knew my fathers history,
and is a mystery, maybe my own father worked as a spy, no clue, or is a spy, no clue,
just came out the blue

Read ya´ll later you animators and innovators.

Is he or she a spy?

I have always wondered if a certain person of my family is a spy, I do remember
that person telling me “once a spy always a spy” and knowing a bit of his tragectory
I say again, a bit <,I got to the conclusion the person is a freaking spy.
Not kidding here, so he or she is good to go. Can´t get smarter than this one.
I told this person that I was sending he or she (am I fooling someone?)
an email with the video if you would like watch below, very interesting.
Told this person about me sending he or she the email, just checking or he or she
was good really, that is the most important. Yet it did not surprise me or she and be
that he would told me what I heard on the video at the end of it, how the Chenese infiltrated Texas
actually the whole world but that specific comment from he or she or that or…
I thought, a holy shait!
Watch the video if you want.

the spy

I would be terrible at that job.So here goes, daddy told me, seems it was his un-perfomance.
HE said, ” you don´t leave it” or something to that effect. Point… you never leave that
world. Just dad, nice man by the way. I know.. me dummy, HIM not a funny. No wonder by the way

who do you live with?(50 word story)

The ten year old boy stepped out of his room. It was late at night,he had
been woken up by the sound of “tak tak”. He saw his father typing on a
small keyboard,he suddenly heard a loud “bang”, police arrested
his father, charged with espionage against America for China.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.