Sweet revenge

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” Just get out there.” The manager kept repeating.

He stood behind the curtains, his knees pralyse, as much as he wanted to
move it seemed that his brain neurons did not connect well. He could hear his
heart beating  in his ear even more than he could hear the cheers
of the crowd.

“Charlie! Charlie !” The crowd of sixty thousand kept chanting over and over again.

I´m the king of rock, I did this in the 90´s I´m the freaking king lets go!

Charlie finally appeared on stage and the people went ballistic. The women started
running towards the front of the stage as cattle being pushed to their stables.
Eventually overpowering the security guards and clinging to……..

What the hell, forgot to put my fucking pants on

Charlie ran and zigzagged through the hungry vultures of women as a gazelle and
finally got behind the curtains.

“Frank! You could have told me I wasn´t wearing pants!!”

Frank the manager smiled, “you could have told me you where going to get another
manager with some time ahead 20 years ago. You where my only client, I lost you,
and I lost all the money I had invested on you, my house, my wife and my kid.”
He walked away without looking back.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Letter to my 15 year old self (scary!)

Dear Charly,

Would you stop masturbating please. Is not healthy. Just go out and meet girls.
Holy shit Charly, I said to go out and meet girls not be constantly thinking about
having sex with them, just go back to masturbating.

Stop with the curse words, you should expand your vocabulary. Also, stop riding
your motorcycle up the hills and doing weeles  you can get hurt, don´t be such 
a dare devil. You always seem to seek adrenaline. Focus on your studies. Charly !
I said focus on your studies, that doesn´t mean that when you go to school which is
not very often that you focus on the teachers with the intention of  pissing them off.
Actually, get out of school, better get a job…. or not.

Stop with the parties, fist fights and more parties. Stop smoking….No! Don´t hit that
guy because you ran out of smokes and he won´t give you one. O.k then, just pick up
some cigarettes that are laying around on the pavement. Be a productive member of society.

Join the army or something, maybe they take you in. They did later on? Fuck, that
is really scary actually. Trusting you with a rifle…..

Hope everything goes well.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The evolution to get to be, a Kamikaze gardener!

Once upon a time a little child was born, he was destined to be the King of Salomon
a beautiful child, a majestic little babyDSCN2630called
Charles the Great. As time passed he had his up´s and downs, but he was always a good person
even treating his dog, the only one that is left after the other one dying some months ago, treating
this beast, that farts, shit´s everywhere, pisses everywhere, and actually barks at Sir Charles,
so this beast is in bad condition now and leaving aside all the misery that causes the Great Charles,
he gives her his own food!!!DSCN2613 DSCN2612You saw right, my damn hamburger chopped into
little pieces with my rice. Hope this monster lives until pigs fly, so loooong.

What does this has to do with being a good gardener you might ask yourself.
Well it´s easy, as a gardener you have to treat your garden with love and goodness in your heart,
and love comes from inside, as you can see I after this demonstration Charles the great was destined
to be the King of Solomon and create the best garden ever.

Starting with little thingsemboscadachop chop here and there
trimming the sides. And taking it easy and with care and love.

Something happen to the great Charles and the majestic little human suddenly went a bit,
or maybe a whole lot off the railFoto 353. and he
changed his name to Charly.
Tired of being king, and he decided to go after the big time, not just trimming on the ground but, innovate.
So up he went DSCN2635, that´s what I´m talking about!
standing in a tin roof that is 20 years old build by the grandfather of Charly.
So those freaking big trees and the one that is right in front of me and you, well they let fall
onto the roof some nasty little things that overtime becomes big things so you have to
go to a place where nobody dares to go…..exceptDSCN2636
Charly!!!! He even went so far at to do thisDSCN2637,
what can I say, it was just in the middle of me racking and it just pissed me off, but that comes from
genetics as you can see  by what Mama “Rambo” wearsDSCN2610
for crying out loud mom! Between that freaking shirt and this quote that you love
al-capone-quotesyou scare the bejesus out of me, you just crazy
which no wonder I turned out that way, jumping on a 20 year old tin roof really
because of you and your threats, but I prevailed and this is the result of the cleaning
DSCN2641 doesn´t look like much you think? I´ll kill you
if you think that since look what I enduredpata and worst of
all the branches seemed they wanted to attack me, actually didFoto 274
this is what a Kamikaze gardener does, no guts no glory,Aaaaaaaaaaa!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Sailing through the river of blood

Another great prompt by 11 September 2015 | Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple

Photo by: PHOTO PROMPT – © Jennifer Pendergast

“Honey this is so beautiful.” She said to her husband.
“You deserve the best for our second anniversary.”
“How is Jack and Mark?”
“Great assets to the law firm.”
He turned around, smacked her two times over the head with a crowbar,
knocked her unconscious and threw her body to the river, the water turning red as she
“Two strokes for the two you fucked at the same time on our second anniversary you whore!”
He then  took a cigarette out of his jacket and smoked his way down the river,
with a smile on his face appreciating the green trees.

102 words.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Dumb and Dumber

This prompt was given out by FFfAW – Week of 09-08-2015 | Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
and the photo taken by pricelessjoy.

Both men wearing a black ski mask exited the Bank of America on a rainy day
with half million dollars.

They got into the car.

“You kidding me?” John who was the mastermind of the robbery asked his accomplice.

“What?” Michael responded.

“A freaking mini van?”

“It´s a car.”

“A slow one idiot.” John said a bit irritated.

As they started to pull out of the parking lot they heard a cry from the back seat. Both men
looked at each other with eyes as big as plates. They slowly turned and saw a baby sitting
there crying his eyes out.

“Michael, when you robbed this piece of crap  you really didn´t check that there was a
small human being in the back? First rule of car jack, make sure there is nobody inside and less
off all, a baby!!”

“Just drive!”Michael shouted.

“Can´t do my friend, not with a kid.”

They looked outside the soaked front window of the car and the blurry lights of police cars where visible.

The gig was up.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.