I don’t run away

As many people who read me have figured out, well, I’m just weird.
My mother is not in great health.
And there is when I come in, I’m usually a fuck up when things go well,
I get into fights, drink, I do have anger issues.
But, I found this while my time in the army that when the shit hits the fan
I’m calm and focus( I stay Frosty),and if I have to walk to the North Pole and back that is
what I will do. No drinking no nothing, just thinking of the welfare of those
who need my help. Specially being my mother. So went to the hospital with her,
back to her house to be with her beloved dog and feed the dog, back to my rent
shitty room to pay rent and do some errands my mother needed to do in the town,
and clean the house wich is a pretty big one by the way is not like cleaning my
shitty room I rent. And when talking to her always calm, my father gets more annoyed
so she prefers in this cases only, that I be around plus even as a fuck up I end up
making her laugh, and laughter is one cure, plus since she can’t walk too much obviously
take care of whatever she wants while she is lying down.
Now I’m back at my mother’s house. I thought the doctors where going to tell her
to stay in the hospital bed, just got the call that she is coming home so that is
good news.
That is a strange dichotomy of me, I’m usually a fuck up and when things get hard
I stay Frosty.

So Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

dead man walking

He woke up to the sound of rain hitting the tin roof of his trailer.
He was shivering under the blankets, he stayed in bed for 20 minutes looking
through the small window. There was only darkness outside. He finally managed
to get up, thinking “just another day”. What was he going to do? He didn’t
changed his clothes since he felt asleep with the same clothes he had been
wearing for three days. Why? He wondered, why change and shower? He opened
the door of his trailer, the wind hit him hard on the face, he shivered.
He lit a cigarette and started walking in the dark early rainy hours of the day.
Nobody saw Jack again.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I have ADHD

Hi guys and gals, I have been diagnosed by this idiot with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. But I think I’m normal.
Why should I listen to him when I’m biting his shoes? Or why should I listen to him or anybody
when I go into my “crazy” mode, well that is how he calls it and start running round and round and round
and hitting myself with the walls. No brother Charly, you are wrong.

He did tell me to say to Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, but screw him I’m not his slave, so see ya guys and gals.
I’m Tina by the way, just a little slip up to not introduce myself at the beginning but that does not mean
attention deficit.

I’m filthy rich!!!

The phone rings and is a strange number. I hesitate for a second but I pick it up.


“Good morning is this Charly Priest?”

“Yes who is this?”

“I’m Silvia calling from your bank.”

Now I’m thinking that this is not good, IRS letters, Social Security letters or calls
from either of them is not good, banks included. She keeps on going.

“You know your ID has expired last year?”

Holy shit, they’re going to shut my account down.

“Yes, but later this month I will renovate it.”

“Good, bring it to us so we can update. I will also like to tell you that we are
offering 4.000 plus $ as a credit to be paid in four years.”

Holy shit, 4.000$ plus dollars!!!! Shit for me this is being rich. So I tell her I’ll think
about it and we’ll talk. I immediately call my reliable accountant….my dog.

She reminds me that the bank that I have opened the account in the heads of the
bank are in jail for fraud, basically taking our money for their filthy pockets. I say yes,so what is
the catch then? I ask myself. Is there going to be such a high interest payment? Like a mob tax that you
can never really pay all of it and they have you by the balls?

Anyways I got to this conclusion, I get my ID renovated at the end of the month,
not as easy as you would think,here in Spain you call the police and they will give you a 3 to 4 months
waiting time. So I do that, then I go to the bank, sign the papers get the money, all of it,
leave the account with one dollar left, take a plane to some exotic iceland where 4.000$ dollars goes a long way
and if the police starts looking for me I’m in an exotic island that has no extradition.
I still have to refine a bit more the plan but that is basically the fundamentals.
In a couple of weeks I’m gonna be sipping margarita in some freaking island.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The story of Billy

This is the story
of a young man called Biilly
he was riding high
but gravity made it harsh and he cried
he cried and cried and cried
then he decide
to get up
talked to the important people around him
that he could choose and think
and eventually was all not that bad
even though sometimes he is sad
is just life
wich can be a beehive
and also beautiful
like reading a poetic article
Billy was his name
he passed away
but his memory still stands

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The Priest and the Shrink

Sunday Photo Fiction – 72 Hours


The shrink entered the confessional, he could feel his palms sweating.
“Father forgive me since I have sinned.”
“Tell me son, you are safe here.” Said the priest.
“I have been using my influence to take advantage of people.” The shrink said with a trembling voice.
“In what way son?”
“I have used my powers to have sex with women.”
The priest sighed thinking that yet another pervert just entered the house of Christ. He took
a deep breath a pushed through, ” In what way son?”
“I give them advice which misleads them in thinking that sleeping with me will solve their problems.”
“May I ask what is your profession son?” The priest asked, he was tired of asking all day long
and hearing the troubles of people, what about his own troubles? So there he was torch in hand
smoking his first joint.
“I´m a shrink.”
The priest got red in the face,”You motherfucker!”He yelled.
The shrink was petrified, “Sorry father I…I..”
“Shut the hell up, you punk, a freaking shrink I have to take? What do you think I do for half
of the day!? I listen and listen to people and give them advice. You idiot, are you people
trying to take away my job, is that it!!”
So the priest took his torch stuck it in the little window and let the shrink have a rapid fire
hair cut.

234 words.

Love is in the air…..


Dog: “Hi sweety pie, you want a kiss?”
Me:”He he, you are funny, but sorry babe you are not my type.”
Dog suddenly feels jealous and attacks me while I´m trying to write
some Shakespearean writing…. look!dscn2889
Dog: “I got you now boy.”
Me: “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” And tears start dropping throughout my face.
Dog: “You want more?!!! e, come on, you want more!!”
Me: “Shit o.k, o.k, I´ll go out with you.”
We ended up heredscn2866
And there we find ourselves…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

converastion with dad

I was reading all these post about father son relationships.
So I got excited and told to myself, lets give him a call.

“Who is it?”
“Me….your son.”
“What do you want?”
“Just to talk.”
“Then, we are talking.”
“Are you o.k?” He asks me.
“Couldn´t be better.”
“So what do you need?”
“I told you already, nothing.”
I can picture his face going red by the way
“Well if you are o.k and you don´t need nothing,
I got work to do.”
“O.k. By”
“We´ll talk another day.”

And that was the conversation, I read all that little shit
about the fathers and sons, they go fishing and that type of thing,
not in my case. You go to the point if not for him is pointless.
You need something? Is the first thing he will ask, and you know what?
For me that is the best question instead of some sort of wussy wussy
going to tell you how much I love you in words. He is him, and he is
me hero.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Yo! I´m smiling here

So here is the conversation:

Ring riiiiiiiing! Then I jump almost 10 feet in the air
Damn! I have to change this stupid ring tone and might
as well save some money to get a 21st century phone,
this ring tone is gonna give me a heart attack.
“Hi mom, congratulations?”
“Yes, congratulations.”
“O.K… what did you smoke this morning?”
“Me nothing, but you….it´s your birthday idiot.”

(In spain instead of saying happy birthday we often say
felicidades, we say both but felicidades is what is most common)

So it didn´t registered at all, I completely forgot that I made
it to be 34. Go figure that one out.
So there is my weekly smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.