The wait (50 Word story)

I sit in silence, staring at a white wall.Blank.Just like my head.
Instead of thinking I just do a couple of blinking of my diminished
neurons.I just sit,cigarette in my hand,the smoke corrupting my lungs.
I sit and wait,for what is coming to wich I´m helpless.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Devil in disguise


i sit typing in my parents computer, as the great son i am i came to take care of
their dog while their out,i should rewrite, the first sentence, i sit trying to write, suddenly:
The wrath of what it seems of a tiger starts biting my leg, her teeth sharp as razors, i cry in pain
she keeps going at it, I stop writing, I stop creating, i look down thinking of “what in the world?”
i see her, the little dog, i jump in horror, she is the devil, she then starts biting the sofa, she
goes on to bite the beautiful wooden oak table, and then she goes on to bite a freaking wall!!
i´m suppose to write but can´t,i have been hurt badly, my leg bleeding profusely and now
i´m limping around trying to catch this devil, so she won´t eat the whole house,
or swallow something….my head spins, i feel like committing suicide,
i think about how mothers can take care of children, what a heroes
those women are, but the devil is still biting at my bloody leg, sipping my blood, she is
the devil in disguise.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.
P.S. Please pray for me so that when i can return to my place in one piece this Monday.

Driven crazy by technology

Prompt by :

“See that mom?”The eight year old pointed straight up in the air.

The mother as always was busy with her cellphone and her wassaup, talking with her
girlfriend and some sexually charged conversations with some online people. She love
the freedom that it gave her, her little and often dirty escape from her day to day
life reality of marriage and taking care of her son.

“Mom! Did you see that?”

“What honey?” She still had her eyes glued to her i-phone

“Dad is up in that building.”

“Honey please.”

“Mom!! He is shouting for you to pay attention.”

“Honey I don´t hear anything.”

All around them people had gathered staring up at the pyramid form skyscraper.

One passerby said, “What a wuss this dude, asking his wife for her attention.” All
the guys around giggled and slapped each other in the back.

High above Frank, was in tears. He had tried to make his marriage work, even during
sex she would pick up the phone and text, while at the same time moaning which was even
more incredible to him.

He had enough, he was going to get her attention real good now.

“To heeeeeeelll wiht yoouuu!!!” He shouted as he felt one hundred stories to the floor.

The next day, the mother. Teresa, was called in all the local papers “The most abnoxious
woman in sillicon valley” followed by “married to one of the dumbest in the valley.”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Marlboro Man

kitchen-window[1]Another Friday of Friday Fictionairees by

He looked out the window and he saw what it seemed an army of police men,
from his left pocket he took out his Marlboro pack and lit up what would
be his last cigarette, he wasn´t going to pay again. He inhaled slowly the smoke,
he had no rush. They could sit there trying to negotiate all they wanted.
They didn´t know.

A loud gun shot was heard by the police standing outside. They quickly entered
and found him on the floor with the cigarette still in his mouth, the pack of
Marlboro in his left hand and blood gushing out of his head. A sneaky photographer
of the New York Times took a picture of the grisly scene and wrote a column
about the incident later on, making fun of the man.

In his right hand was a letter, the detective grabbed it and read ” I refuse to get fined
again for smoking in a public space, this overly politically correct bullshit is what´s
killing me, the second hand smoke while smoking in front of a building in Manhattan is not
going to cause cancer to a passerby while there is a gush of wind. Parents frowning on me
because I smoke in the car with my children makes me want to kill them.”

Next week in downtown Manhattan there was thousands of people with a Marlboro
cigarette in their mouth puffing as much smoke to the ozone layer as they could,
which didn´t brake by the way as authorities had warned.

They Chanted, “Marlboro Man!!” He created the smoking revolution.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Lurking in the shadows

PHOTO PROMPT -© Rochelle Wisoff-Fieldsa

Another great prompt by

The telephone rang waking her up. She stumbled to the telephone, “hello?”

“I like it when you are sleeping in your panties.”

“Who is it?” She asked while looking at her black panties.

“I´m your friend, your lover.”

“You creep!” She said and hanged the phone.

She was about to go back to her bed when the phone rang again,
” stop calling” she said forcefully, “get a life.”

“Wave at me honey, got the balcony, the black van….. I´m here.”

Carissa put on her pyjamas and opened the door feeling the cold rain making her shiver.
Suddenly she felt a cold sharp object on her neck and a second later she was decapitated.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

The failed escape

It´s another edition of

“Hit it Mike, hit it !! ” John screamed at the top of his lungs as he looked back
and saw the U.S Sheriff right behind them.

“Hit what?!” John screamed back at John while the water splashed his face, ” you couldn´t
have stolen a more shitty boat!”

John looked up at the hill and saw the white house of his ex wife, He grimaced. She took
his most precious thing and now she had paid for it.

“Hey John, you´re the most incompetent criminal I have seen, you know that?”

“How many have you seen?” Came the reply from behind of the boat.

“Enough to know that you´re an idiot.” Mike said with a grin.

John looked down at his feet, there she was lying on the floor. Her feet tied up. He laughed
out loud. They had to put her to sleep until they reached some kind of safety.

“Dump her!” Mike screamed at Jack as the Sheriff cut them off.

“You´re nuts, no way.”

Eventually the Sheriff just gave them a warning as they untied Lucy, Johns best friend, the dog
that was his, not his wife´s. He would go to courts for eternity and until he ran out of money
so he could be reunited with his dear Lucy.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

It went a bit over 175 words.

Hero horses

A great prompt by FFfAW – Week of 09-15-2015 – 3 | Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

“What?!!” The cowboy yelled to five unruly horses that didn´t seem to want to eat.
Three of them stared down, but then there where the rebels, named Adam and John.

Adam, stared right back at him without blinking and said, ” we´re tired of this bullshit.”

A roar of laughter came from the cowboy to which Adam replied, ” what´s so funny old

“You just said Bull-shit and you´re a horse.”

John chipped in, “and you´re an abusive idiot.”

“For what John? Why is that?”

John gave a sight, “you make us run around cattle for weeks and weeks on end and we never
get a vacation.”

“You´re a horse for crying out loud.”

“I have feeling too you know, not that I can´t do the job but it would be much appreciated if my boss
would at least give me some dignity.” Said Adam.

“Hell yeah! We´re on strike now.” John followed.

That day the cattle stayed where they where. One more day of life thank´s to the two horses.

The challenge was suppose to be of 175 words, I went up to 190. Just 15 over. I´m just a little rebel
like those two horses.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Mind games (prompt)

A prompt by the great….Join Me? | The Dark Night Chronicles . Which is to write a flash fiction story,but you can jump that and write a poem, or greeting card, or a song or whatever you want. I chose the flash fiction. The key word here is absence. You can use the word in your writing or not. Quite open the thing. But it was a good exercise for me. So thank you Felicity.

Charlie woke  up. He was still looking for it. He looked at his white round alarm clock on his bedside and thought how ugly it was. Actually he thought why all the alarm clocks he had during his life where always so ugly. At least that was what his ex girlfriend told him. And he had only bought two during his two years with her. Why was it that he lasted no longer than two years with  a woman, seemed for people a short period, but for him it seemed like an eternity but for the rest of humanity which he considered his circle of five close friends and five family members the humanity as a whole, well that humanity always told him that he had to settle at his age, it was a marvel to him that they would say that to a twenty five year old. Settle? He thought, settle is a relative word if you think about it. He was settle when he was with those ex´s and then he un settle. So really he was settling more than most people. Like a person  that would be with the same woman, their highschool sweet heart up until old age. That was  Charlie´s process of thinking.

He smoked his first cigarette of the day in his bed and decided to take his morning shower. He looked in the mirror at his dishevel black hair and black eyes and though to himself again where was it?

“Hello!!” A female voice shouted from the other side of his front door apartment.

“Who is it?” He said jumping out of the shower almost slipping on the floor. Fuck with the hellos I almost hit my head on the bathtub.

“It´s Caroline”

“Who?” His mind started racing to try to place the name.

“Caroline!” She shouted again. Does this person think that as much as she repeats her name I´m going to suddenly remember it?

“Just a minute Caroline.” He got into his jeans, put on his white t-shirt, grabbed on of the many pair of white shoes and combed his dark long hair backwards. Ready in a minute literally, king of clothing is what I am.

He opened the door and saw a petite asian woman of about his age. Her black tight top revealed perfect rounded chests and her tight jeans revealed a tight butt. Thank Good for the mirrors on the wall of my corridor.

“Hi Caroline, how´s it going?” He still couldn´t place this woman. He just hoped it wasn´t some random girl he had taken to his apartment in one of his Saturday night out´s, and had promised something in his drunken stupor that now in his sober stupor he could not deliver. He also was a bit concerned that this girl was not some crazy nut, which he had also encountered. Man o man let this one be normal or normal as someone can be, just don´t go bananas on me girl I´m tired as hell and i have no idea why. I´m looking for it,damn.

“Hi Charlie how are you feeling today?”

“Doing great and you?”

“Fine, fine, glad to see you again.”

“Yeah me too. Glad to see you I mean, I see myself in the mirror every day.”He smiled slickly. What a pathetic attempt to make me funny.

She smiled back, so Charlie thought this was not going all that bad but he still could not place this woman and why was she so nice.

“So you remembered then I was coming this Sunday right?”

“Of course, you kidding. Come on in please. Wan´t a beer or…”

“It´s 11. a.m Charlie.”

“I was just joking.” He smiled again showing his shinny white teeth which he was quite proud of.

“A coffee would be nice.” She said.

Charlie started moving to the kitchen and preparing coffee. When he returned to the living room he saw Caroline with a booklet  on top of the wooden table, a recording machine and already going through some of her notes. What in the world is this woman doing now.

“O.k Charlie, I have decided that the best course of action is that you start taking Xram and be hospitalised for at least two months.”

“Excuses me?” He mumbled in a state of shock. It came out more of a “sus m?”

“Yes Charlie, as your therapist I can see there has been no progress in two weeks and I really think it´s quite serious your condition.”

“My therapist? What in the world are you talking about. Did Danny sent you over here, is he behind this?!!” His voice now starting to rise.

“No, you yourself came into my office a couple of weeks ago and we have met since then two times a week, this is our fourth visit. I told you that if you forgot to come to my office I would come here. We where suppose to meet on Friday after you got out of work. And since you didn´t came it was obvious to me that the pills where not taking it´s normal effect on patients with mild amnesia like you, I believe it´s not a mild amnesia because of the hit you suffered to the head, it could have affected other parts of your brain and in my professional opinion I really think we should evaluate you in a controlled environment for some time.”

The two cups of coffee he had in his hands slid onto the floor along with his heart.

Two months later Charlie walked out of the hospital having found it, now he was no longer looking for it. He was no longer searching in his brain for that missing peace of the puzzle that he had lost. Everything was back to normal. His head clear as the blue sky. The Amnesia had completely disappeared after some painful electric shocks to his head but it had been worth it. Plus Caroline, had agreed to meet up with him in a social manner rather than as a therapist-patient relationship.




Funny blog Friday!

short story 1

Happy Friday everyone! Today I´m greeting you from Funny Blog Friday (#FBF), the first ever blog hop party, yeeehaaaa! Are you excited or what….No? your loss. Anyways I´m suppose to give free give aways things like maybe a free ebook, or some cool exciting thing about the internet social media world but since I´m pretty much a cave man when it gets to that, have no ebook nor have no idea much about apps or what gifts are out there I´m going to send you a Spanish paella if you want. You pay  for the travel expense that is but the paella is free….makes sense. Now, what I can give you is a bunch of great funny people to read and as I see it I´ll give you the gift of knowledge which is much better than anything material, and my own little story that will hopefully make you cringe and the ending will make you cringe even more. So let´s get started then. The marching orders was to publish at 8 a.m Eastern time, that is U.S time which in my Eastern time is 2.p.m Spanish Eastern time, so had this holding on for about 6 hours and now I just hit publish so lets……….hit it!


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“Mrs. Martinez ? where would you like these roses to go?” Mohammed asked the lady in charge of running the Martinez bull estate.

“Over there.” She said in her sweet voice pointing towards the apple tree.

Mohammed, a very religious Muslim person had been living in Spain for the past five years. He was initially from Morocco, was a hard worker working day and night to earn as much money as he could and then wire it to his home country since he had twelve people depending on him, three wife´s and nine children. He often thought that if his children didn´t end up in some profession that would pay good like being doctors he would probably waterboard them after all the work he was putting in for them.

Five years ago he came across Julia Martinez. Julia was the wife of a well known bull breeder of Andalucia, a southern region of Spain. After having spend a hot summer day knocking on doors offering his services as a gardener he eventually encountered Mrs. Martinez. He was struck both by her beauty and warm heart, while all the other people had dismissed him in quite a rude way Mr. Martinez had inmediately told him that if he worked hard he could start work the next day and that he could stay in the guest house. When he saw the guest house he thought he had just entered a temple. Mohammed turned out to be a hard worker ,very good at his profession and Mrs. Martinez rewarded him kindly with meals she herself prepared and paying him well above the average salary that the rest of the gardeners around the area where making.

“Mohammed, I´m going to need you this afternoon. I know it´s Friday and you like to take your walks into town but I really need your help today.”

“I will be delighted Mrs. Martinez.” He said with a smile.

Mohammed, as a good religious Muslim that he was, was now having very conflicting thoughts. He couldn´t stop fantasizing about Mrs. Martinez body, her dark long hair, her curves….he even found himself repositioning his muscle, subtly flying under her radar while she was talking with him since he didn´t want her to see a tent down there. The worst part is that he was also having impure thoughts with the daughter of Mrs. Martinez, her seventeen year old daughter that was like the mother. Long dark hair, dark skin, miracle curves, perfect rounded ass and breasts, and worst of all he was masturbating to those impure thoughts.

He had gone to the local mosque to seek help for his sins. There he had met Ayatollah Houdini, who preached his anger towards the Spanish government who had sent troops into Iraq in support of the American infidels. He reluctantly talked to the Ayatollah about his impure thoughts and that he has also eaten pig, and food during the Ramadan. The Ayatollah assured him that if he followed his advice he would be free of sins. If he did so he would soon find himself in paradise with seventeen virgins, he could already see those pure virgins with their legs closed just waiting for him to part them as Moses had parted the Red Sea.

Now he was sitting inside the mosque while Ayatollah Houdini preached, “In the name of the only and great God, may you strike the infidels, may you hit them where it hurts them. They have killed our women and children, you should fight for Allah!!” The Ayatollah started his Friday sermon with the exact same sentence.

Mohammed raised his hand, the others raised their eye brows not really knowing why a person would interrupt the great Houdini in the middle of his sermon “Excuse me great Ayatollah, when you say strike back at the infidels do you mean only american infidels living in Spain or spanish people too?”

This guy is a bit slow, the Ayatollah thought. “Our great God says punish those who serve the infidels, punish the Spanish because they voted for a government that then went on to support the American infidels in their infidelic crusade against our Muslim brothers. I say….God say´s, spanish are as much infidels as american infidels.”

Mohammed´s moment of confusion and hesitation finally disappeared and know his mind was at peace. This night he and two others from the mosque would go on to put 100 kilos of TNT plastic explosives around the town. On his way to Mrs. Martinez estate he came across Maria, the daughter.

“Hi Mohammed.” Maria said smiling with her thick lips.

“Hi Miss. Maria.” he replied in kind becoming red in the face. Shit not again, he thought. The blood pressure was starting to make a certain muscle in his body to be noticed a bit too much in his tight black trousers

Maria, a smart seventeen year old girl, was aware of Mohammed´s muscle problem when she talked with him. She had long since gotten to the conclusion that he was going to be the one. She would loose her virginity to him, and she knew that he would never say anything since if word got out her parents would literally destroy his life and the life of his family back in Morocco.

“I need you to come to the barn to help me out with some things.”

“Not a problem Miss. Maria.”

Mohammed followed her, five paces back looking at how beautiful her jeans fit her round tight ass. As he walked he repositioned his muscle so it wouldn´t be notice, so he thought. They finally got to the barn.

“What is it exactly you need me to help you with?” Mohammed asked in his most courteous voice.

Maria walked up to him, her face inches apart from his. Mohammed was paralized, all his muscles where tense. She pressed her petite body against his, she could feel his muscle enlarging by the second.

“uuu” Maria giggled, “It´s very big, I knew it.”
Mohammed prayed to Allah so HE would give him strength to say no, but at the moment the only strength he was gaining was between his legs. Maria went to work on him until they both reached their climax.

“You know what Mohammed?” She asked as she was passing her index finger through his lips and sucking on them.

Mohammed still in a state of shock, managed to utter “What?”

“You are my first one.”

Mohammed couldn´t believe her. He told her she was lying but she then went on to explain why she had chosen him. At first anger burned him but then the great revelation came to Mohammed, I just popped the cherry of a virgin! Mohammed starting to jump up and down chanting “Allah Ackbar!” ( Allah is great) and quickly dressed himself and went running to the mosque to see the Ayatollah Houdini. He explained to the Ayatollah that he no longer had to commit the attacks on the infidels since God had already chosen him for paradise, he was one virgin down, so almost halfway there and hence there was no use in getting his hands bloody.