strange poetry

The great White hope

Ladies and gentleman, do not worry about the state of
affairs in the world, i come from the underworld to tell
you “The earth has its chance for peace and prosperity”,
wich would be quite the rarity, you only have to cast the
ballot for the GREAT WHITE HOPE and make me the president of
the world. I could go into details about my plans, but trust
should be a must, so i won´t. Just trust me, trust is the
beginning of a prosperous future, so vote for the GREAT WHITE DOPE…
i meant HOPE.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Have fun with the ride

I just sit down, nothing prepared
and spit out words like a clown

I don´t know why but today I stumbled upon depressing post´s
and figured I should enlighten them with my ghosts

Relationships evolve
Relationships dissolve

Why would you keep re-thinking and trying to do the understanding
just stop with the over thinking and do the technique not minding

Life is not fair
People are a complicated affair

go with the ride
have fun with the tide
don´t be to self centering
be your own orienting

Have freaking fun as much with the ride!
Since life can be a short tide

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.