Strange thought

Why do you make the bed if you’re going to mess it up later on?

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.


The great White hope

Ladies and gentleman, do not worry about the state of
affairs in the world, i come from the underworld to tell
you “The earth has its chance for peace and prosperity”,
wich would be quite the rarity, you only have to cast the
ballot for the GREAT WHITE HOPE and make me the president of
the world. I could go into details about my plans, but trust
should be a must, so i won´t. Just trust me, trust is the
beginning of a prosperous future, so vote for the GREAT WHITE DOPE…
i meant HOPE.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

six word story travesty

The other day I read this deep things like
Ghosts:past;present;future:new man
by this man over here
So I started with that one and kept reading more in other blogs and actually
found a web page solely dedicated to this thing. That was a surprise
by the way. And all very beautiful, meaningful and deep.

Anyways, after reading the last one, a phrase suddenly popped into my head
and I counted it with my little fingers and it had 6 words and this is
what came suddenly out of my mind

She left him holding his penis

Go figure…..

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Combination of words

If I´m able to have a dark suit
I´ll be suitable
Which means the more but take out the e and I get a nod with o before the n and no d
I won´t be a moron
Then I can be my self and take you to a nice lake to fish
That way I won´t be selfish
I can comb my hair in style in my own ination, meaning is my own little nation
I can do a combination!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Into the aligator pit

So here I am
it´s no scam
in the alligator pit
I just sneeze and spit
doesn´t make me sick….weird
so, up the ladder I go no matter however
just survival I guess, not a mess
you Queen sense
I even own a computer
which by the way I´m not very sure if it works good
so screw a meuw?
anyways, fuck the aligátor pit i can eat write and also….
hell I can be quite slick

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I don´t know where this is going….

I have no idea where this is going I just decided to sit down and type right
so here I am riding the wagon of malnutrition a lot of ambition some times
no times dichotomy of me is the for he is me then up goes the anti and I step up
the more the anti up I step up more and more so looking for dear Lord
sometimes I´m not completely certain other times I´m absolutely certain
then comes the dogs and the family or the other way around and then me
and damn i did forget about the girls, what can I say even my mother has called
me a man whore, can you believe that shit? your own mother calling you that
but at the end it seems I´m her squeaky little rat with a golden hat or just crap
but she still loves me which is quite amazing. Another thing I have realised right now
or the other day but typing it today is that I do not care much about myself when it gets
to being in danger or unhealthy but when it gets to my parent yesterday I couldn´t sleep
i even prepared money, my backpack, with clothes in case they had to go to the hospital
for severe bronchitis and that has only happened to me when in my old job, when I was
too cool to go to school mean tough man army days, and not so much to tell you the truth
if i had been that preocupied about my guys it would have clouded my  judgement and
that´s a job that poor judgement does have deadly consequences,but with my parents
fuck me been a long time i never experience a bit of anxiety, i stay calm in this situations
don´t know why but i do, dichotomy of me, but i actually even argued with my father
who will not go to a hospital unless he´s on his death bed, telling him that he could
basically fuck off but my mother was going, eventually she feels better today
and that was a freaking relief, belief that. I guess since I have been pretty much
on my own since quite a long time those emotions of caring for others so much
didn´t really enter into the equation for me, and I´m in crutches I can´t walk
with a broken ankle and I´m suppose to stay resting with the leg up as much time of
the day i can but screw that when i have my two people sick that i care about, i´ll walk to the end of the
earth,did it in the past but for other reasons but i still have it in me.

I have no idea what I just wrote. I just started typing away without lifting the fingers from the keyboard. Although I do see now I didn´t commit grammatical errors, screwbyyy, yay!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.