Don´t bull shit me, I know and you are a fucking whore,
yes whore, you guy that I met, talking about suicde…. talking….talking,
just do it punk. Got to proclaim your situation to everybody?
No wonder I smack the shit out of you, sorry chief but I have my life
and little that is, people to take care, so don´t fucking bullshit me and yourself.
I will kill you if you want that, I done it already in the army, but when I get in you face
you piss and shit your pants, fucking bitch. Although as I saw it was a bit of intervention.. a bit,
criminal kid looking for nothing good, now he goes off the grid, I was that one in my time,
probably am today, doubt it though, so no fucking 20 year old kid is going to talk shit,
help him? Yes, it is in my nature to help and also hit the shit out of them,
yet I know that if you yourself don´t want to help yourself.—,,,,
you are done.

Point being,

Can´t lie on this one

Two Spanish Legion deployments
time moments,
I did say and wrote in the last post that I can´t sleep,
and barely eat,
I said in the last post I was going to help my mother to move
to her new house…….. The anxiety got the best of me,
so be,
the drinking started
and today never ended nor wanted.
So I fuck up again. These shit has to stop one way or another.
Hang myself? I don´t know at this point.
I don´t even want to fucking talk with people, I shut my shitty phone off,
feeling scared like a bitch, so that is my day. Still drinking, and hopefully
not flipping.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

suicide squad

I´m just one of the group,
We believe we did a society coup.
We chose a life of danger,
I´m not alone in being that stranger.

A uncertain monetary life,
The way I walk on the edge of a knife.
A life of pleasure for creating,
The uncertainty of not making.

Easier would be to go back to backbreaking labour with a steady paycheck,
I´ll rather cut my neck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

reverend death

I’m a narcissist (for putting myself with a cool black dude)
And a psychologist I will admits

I’m the death row reverend
So I can obviously decide
With allot of pride
With a bunch of decide

I’m the man who decides
Assisting suicides
I am the “Charly the Priest”
I love God but also a small car like a priest

I just had to express
How these people are a mess

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

the articulate suicide


the articulate suicide
i do can write and said some lie
before i was thinking
i was the kingkiing!
articulate, you must me right
i understand….fuck you bitch,
i can be a snitch, mafia style
and the freaking car just got one mile,
so talk and talk and write and write
and, why not commit suicide
that i can do decide

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Duties (poem)

Duties to do and lately forgot the do,
Good people to see,
I go and basically screw a tree….or trees

Try to be me …..will ya!
Holy that would be something
and at the same time nothing depends on your rear ends

Forgot, heard something about a close friend thinking about suicide
no laughing matter I know that mater I was there too with no pride
guess what my mother did, she slapped the shit out of those thoughts
yeah,maybe a bit tough love but…… life is tough, people are complicated, you´re not going to change the world
so snap the fuck out of it and keep on going, period. That was the advice I got and like it or not, worked out for this snot.

Duties to do, then someone if read this may say……what? or Yeap! or…. gonna take a nap, or good duty to society with your words of variety.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses

Robin Williams and the troops.

What a wonderful man this guy seemed. I wouldn´t have mind seeing one of those shows when I was in the army and deployed(Spanish army that is), good for the man to do that for the soldiers. A good man and a great loos.Robin Williams Was the Bob Hope of His Generation – Yahoo