sunshine award

Sunshine blogger award for the priest…

I like sunshine, imagine if the award was named “cloudy blogger award”, would be kind of weird,
in all seriousness I´m very grateful having been nominated by this great person and extremely talented artist, which his art has been displayed throughout the world.

Mr. Francisco Bravo Cabrera.

So the rules are that I will respond to his questions and then nominate 3 other people…
that last one is going to be hard to nominate only 3 out of all the talent that I read, see photos,
history, personal diaries, you name it.

Is life for you abstract or expressionistic?
I have to say that for me life is both. In some instances it can be abstract or I can
make it abstract depending in the situations to avoid them if I don’t feel it´s worth
my time. Other times expressionistic when I wan´t to get a good point across towards other people,
or get a good job done(talking about writing).

Would you walk out into the pouring rain or wait for sunshine?
Again I have to say both.If I feel too comfortable I found out that if I push me and do
things I don’t want to do like walking around while rain is pouring on me,it builds character.
At the same time it is always good to relax in the sunshine, there has to be a time to decompress.
So balance in life. Which I have to apply it much more to myself by the way.

Have you ever dreamed that you could fly?
The answer is no. I never dreamed that I could fly but I did fly at least for a second.
When I was around 5 I saw the movie Superman, and after seeing it I thought that if that
guy could fly so could I. So I got up on the top bed of the bunk bed and jumped
head first with my arms extended. So I actually did fly for half a second, the landing
it seemed was a bit harsh and I ended up breaking my collarbone. That is why still today
it is quite normal for my right shoulder to get dislocated, but I got so used to it,
I actually popp it in myself, hurts a bit but for a second..maybe a little more.

Now my 3 nominees, you are all great but the rules are rules so is not my fault…
and the 3 questions for them if they have time.

1) What is your passion?
2) What makes you laugh?
3) Do you prefer a car or a motorcycle?

Thanks again to Mr. Francisco Bravo Cabrera.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.