Likes and Whores

Being a under-prepared computer or technological person…
Why the fuck is whith the Likes? I see in my reader a person
that in one second has 3 million Likes, and one of mine, no,
I´ll click and take that Like out of you,
I didn´t read you. Makes it feel you better having a lot of Likes?
Getting a lot of money?

Like talking to her self-proclaimed girlfriend today actually,
she will call….O.K, I take the bait, she is literally fucking
(that is her job though, to be a whore but not to pretend with me-sucker)
with another human ( for now she might go to dogs who knows)
while on the phone. Although it is becoming so clear to my head
that she might get bored after pretending, or not who knows, but funny either ways.
Plus when she reads this…. you are a very low level whore!! Not even good really.

How do you mix those two together and find something positive?
Actually being a whore with all this Corona Virus is probably best rewarded
ecomomically than the Likes that people seem to improvise thechnology wise.

Or they are the same? Instant gratification/money, for a bit of time?

Just a 3.a.m thought, gonna watch some porn now.

But don´t fucking put a Like of mine when I haven´t read you. Pisses me off,
the whore can do what she does while pretendeing, but I like to read and If I read you
and like what I read I will hit Like, not through your gadgets.

Say No to wassap!!

New technologies are great, we are in the information age,
but…. what is with the wassap?!!!
Yesterday I was eating in a restaurant-see? can you believe?
I have status, high end, point being is that I could afford it,
and right next to me there is a couple that are sitting two feet
from each other and each of them texting in the wassap, what the fuck?
Actually with so called friends your talking to them and they are wassaping,
texting, so I go quite and about a minute of quietness, the guy turns to me
and says “Why are you so quite?”, me “Why are you texting and not listening,when
I’m telling you the most great thing in the world”. He laughs. Is no laughter,
and then I go in the bus, the guy behind me sending messages and I can hear
every time he punches a key, “blip blip….blip blip” and then when he sends it
“whooosh” those are the noises that I had to endure until after 30 minutes
I turn around and scream at him “Would you fucking put that shit in silence mode!!”
And to my surprise it’s this guy is built as brick wall, so I added “please”,
and tried to put a baby face.

NO to wassap is going to be my next campaign to save humanity. People have to be
in touch but talking face to face, why do you think countries have diplomats?
I don’t think they are sitting in the same room while they’re wassaping each other.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

What in the world….

images-2 First it was this,it´s broken.
Now is thisimages also broken this morning.
What in the world…no, what the fuck!!! Pieces of shit, how in the world do I get
now in touch with the world to use other computers or just to call people, fuck fuck.
Piece of shit.

I think I feel better now, I almost hit the guy that was playing with my phone earlier on
and the SIM card seems he fucked it up. So today I´m going to use all day his computer
and tomorrow and the next day and he´ll pay for a freaking SIM card. Fuck.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, cause I´m having a pretty bad time trying to keep my cool.

Computer from hell.(poem)

You piece of crap,

hope you go back.


You are slower than a turtle

so you are a hurdle,

or maybe you´re smart and manipulative

just like a women….so just leave!


Or not.

I´ll get to you back.


Love you hate you.

Screw by you.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Has to be legal to kill my personal computer.

By the way why in the world do they call them personal computers. They are everything but personal. It doesn´t hug me, doesn´t kiss me, doesn´t help me out making my meals, doesn´t do shit except fuck around with me.

Why where computers as we know them today made for? It should be to make my life easier. I don´t have to go and search through pages and pages in the dictionary to find what the word idiot means. I just type it out. And that´s my out.(Couldn´t help it, had to put that little rhyme in there) Hey, meeting girls through the internet, don´t do it myself personally, I mean in those chat rooms or sex chat rooms or things of that nature. So that should be a plus. You want to see how the world is going, what is the temperature in Mesopotamia, just type it out on google. Want to learn the truth about something just go to Wikipedia. Although I see that they tend to the left, which I´m not saying is good or bad it´s just the way it is.

Ever been fucked around with? Probably yes, everybody has at one point in their lives. But have you been fucked around by a non living ecstatic machine? The way it does to me? I guarantee you not. First off, sometimes it takes one second to load a page and the next second it takes me two minutes to go to the other page. This Mackintosh, I´m telling you it has a mind of his own. Then it will let me get into certain pages and other times I can´t, if I´m chatting with someone suddenly it starts making this gurgling sound like a person is choking on their own vomit and the little arrow that´s the hand of the mouse makes itself a round ball of all type of colours. Not kidding, from red, blue,yellow,green, and I´m fucking staring at this stupid little ball waiting for it to stop because I can´t hit anything when the ball appears. I´m starting to have nightmares about this magic or tragic ball. Some mornings I can work on the Mac and other´s I can´t, so I can´t read the e-mails, the important ones on time so I have to wait to the evening to see if Mr. Mac is up to something good or no good. And is usually both!

Freaking bastard, and also, what is it a girl or a guy. It doesn´t specify in the manual what type of gender it is. Probably a girl giving me all these headaches. So since it has a mind of it´s own maybe just maybe here the crazy Spanish government with their political correctness stuck up their asses as far as you can possibly reach they will consider it a living organism and if I kill it I´ll end up in jail. So I´m stuck with this evil thing. But I will kill him or her, just have to read some good books on how to commit the perfect murder and that´s it. Because my self esteem is non-existent after being duped by a computer.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.