the alamo

Smooth cowboy

Riding his horse through the vast open western fields,
the cowboy stuck his heals,
the horse ran ran and ran through the open land.
He got to the Alamo, surrounded by the Mexican army,
he saw a dead body,
and he smiled. One less, he thought.
“Hey cowboy!” Yelled a Texan.
The cowboy looked up.
“We are out of ammunition!”
The cowboy laughed in elation.
He snuck behind the enemy lines and found himself
behind a Mexican Coronel, he grabbed a cup of coffee
hit the Mexican Coronel in the head and said,
“What the hell are you idiots doing?”
The Coronel looked him in the eyes, to his demise,
he ordered his troops to run.
The cowboy then drank Mexican rum…with a smile on his face,
and the Mexican army in disgrace. The Alamo would live to fight
another day.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.