being tolerant is good..bullshit.

Here is what I say I love to be intolerant. I´ll go again INTOLERANT is the way to go.(I just found out the google tool bar and I can change colours, this is great)

People are always talking about being tolerant to other people,to their way of thinking, to their way of acting, to just about everything. So tolerant becomes then norm, the accepted word. Is the good word

But if I think about it for a moment being tolerant leads to catastrophic events if it becomes the norm, the good word the philosophy why everybody should live by. If we are tolerant of everything we start rationalizing everything and anything and most likely end up empathizing with things that turn out to be just the contrary, intolerant.

Let´s say I tolerate child abuse, a child abuse you could say is an intolerant person since he doesn´t tolerate any morality towards kids. Or I can tolerate Muslim terrorist, that way when I was over there in two fucked up countries I would be shaken hands with them with my rifle on my back and they would cut my head off since they are intolerant so I would be on the side of intolerance then. Or I can tolerate men that hit women thereby siding with the intolerance since they don´t seem to tolerate women after all they don´t have any respect for women. Tolerant of bullies we can also be, so we in turn will become bullies by accepting that form of thinking.

Let´s make it even harder, let´s say I tolerate gay people. They by nature are intolerant since there is no way in the world a gay man will ever go out with me since I´m not gay. So by my own rational he´s intolerant because I´m tolerant to my own ideas of not making out with a man. I don´t mind lesbians though.

So here is MY THEORY , When all these people say “we have to be tolerant”, o.k, that sounds very good but what are the consequences of being tolerant as  a norm. The ones that I cited two paragraphs above. Those are the consequences. You do have to not tolerate thereby being intolerant towards certain things so there is some order in the world and it doesn´t all turn to anarchy. You loose your morals, each has their different morals about things in life and people and how people should be, but if we where all tolerant about the same things which means being tolerant about everything good bad, doesn´t matter just be tolerant and respect everything. How does the world function like that. No, you have to be intolerant in most parts of your life, intolerant towards crime, terrorism, bad governments, and governance. Family matters, relationships. Most things in our life´s we are intolerant because we do not let “everything go” in those arenas I just mentioned.

So GO INTOLERANCE since at the end, humans by nature are that.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.