Proud to be spanish

I promise I´ll catch up with you guys hopefully tomorrow when I can use my
own computer. Plus write some poetry for everybody to be amazed, with haze….
Long story short about the video, we have in Spain one región which is catalonia,
were half of the population wants Independence and made an ilegal referéndum to accomplish it
and the other half of the catalonians live in fear
of the independist except when we show up in some kind of forcé there, this was catalonia, look at all the people now that feel safe. We didn´t sen´t the military, imagine if in the U.S one State
would say, ¨ I´m ouutta here¨ we only send the National pólice and the Civil Guard,
which basically started as a paramilitary forcé, they are now a pólice forcé.

Let me tell you a story

Let me tell you a story wich is not all that scary,
I was thinking what to do with my life, and thinking,
and thinking and….you guessed it, more thinking.
Something adventurous, because I’m bored out of my head
in this little screwed up town. Now I got my ID renewed,
it expired, last year!! So I was technical an elegal in
my own country, Spain. So I just thought, fuck it.
I’m going to take a trip outside Spain with the little money
I have, if I have been homeless in this country I might as
well be homeless in another. Just a thought.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Vacation pictures

I say vacation pictures but I´m in most if not all of the pictures, family doesn´t want to be on the blog, they´re ashamed of me…na, kidding. I´m just a narcissist that doesn´t want to be associated to them or for that matter to anybody else, just me. So Here I am freezing in my parents houseFoto 318and reading and learning and….well, smoking. I did have a soft spot when I left the two wild beast that I have living with me, a soft spot of living them behindIMG_1470.Look! at that dude, look at his face that was the picture I took of him just as I was about to leave, he´s eyes says it all “Don´t leave me here with my crazy ass sister!!!!” Yep, the female that looks like she´s sleeping, she´s really not, like human females she´s very deceptive and manipulative. She even manipulates me, a human, which is quite depressing. Fast forward 4 hours later in the bullet train and I´m here ! DSCN2409 with my cool  yacht behind me. warning i do realise that in all these pictures I have the white hat, they have already have given me enough grief so don´t say nothing about it….or do if you wish, if you wish an ass kicking from me that is.

Back to beautiful vacation, this is the port of Malaga, in the south region of Spain called Andalucia which the Marrocans invaded and then we re invaded them and they returned back and then we returned back and on and on. And home to the Spanish Legion, so I know the city pretty good. Specially the bars to tell you the truth, never went on tourist vacation back then. But this time with the family, well it was quite nice to see other parts of the city. Like this Cathedral that I forgot what´s the name of itDSCN2416 Or cool little traditional  housesDSCN2415 So you might be like in the other photo looking at the sea and you turn around the camera and you gotDSCN2410mountains! This is in the waterfront also. There´s a castle up over there on top. Some king, since we have had a bunch of kings why do they expect me to know them all, who cares kings are kings and I´m just a humble man.

Of course the traditional Spanish food, watch out vegetarians!DSCN2419 He´s on fire but he tastes…damn goodDSCN2420 And this is the same restaurant as in this pictureDSCN2421 They´re very religious down there, so religious that the restaurant owner has even made a virgin for himself, or for the restaurant that is. DSCN2427 Down town Malaga, this could be compared to Manhattan´s 5th Avenue, where all the expensive shops are, jewelry, clothes, e.t.c. And at night as you can see there are arches made of light bulbs so it´s really beautiful to see this at night. I was there at night but not on tourist mode, and in case you where wondering those two guys with the yellow jerseys that burns your eyes ,yep, local police and they where not there for me just so you know. They just got in the way….. fuck again! You also have cool dudes sitting aroundDSCN2424 see, now I don´t have my hat. I stole his!

I was in a small town outside of Malaga which name will be reserved and after waking up I just had to walk 50 meters to this placeDSCN2444 having a good Coke with me, no whiskey in it I promise and no cigarette in my mouth? That one is weird by the way. You take a stroll and sit down near the palm beachDSCN2440 Or you can walk and see meet with the famous painter PicassoDSCN2431 He´s cool, as you can see he let me use a bit of his paint. And next to Picasso we have another churchDSCN2430. That would be to the right of Picasso or to the left as you are seeing this.

They actually made some t shirts there, they where inspired by my presence her they go  in sequence………………..DSCN2451 that´s what the ladies always tell me. And…………DSCN2452 and alsoDSCN2449. Hey what did you expect, we are Spanish we need our afternoon “siesta” no hurries no worries that´s are national anthem. Did you notice how brilliant we are? In the last picture they originally put 9.99 Euros, then crossed it off and decided to round up the thing to 10. And then added a freaky yellow face winking at you! Bastards, what a humour. Brilliant, no wonder Spain is the most competitive nation on not only the earth but the universe.

O yeah, I have some move tooDSCN2462 look at the freaking ball is going in the middle and don´t give me grief about having those stupid little barriers on the side so the ball bounces of and gets back to the middle I was playing with mommy but I beat her !DSCN2463 Even our cool little Santa got carried awayDSCN2456. The Southern Spanish humour, this actually was a Santa in a store for not the thin people you can say.

And ofcourse made a visit to my uncle DSCN2433and grandma and grandpa all by my mothers side. My uncle died on March of this year, so I had a moment with him and gave him a cool little poem. Plus we had to buy the gay flag, it was one of his request. He never called it the gay flag, he just said the flag with a lot of colours. Good man, R.I.P big man. Beautiful church isn´t it. You have to see the inside, and is right next to the beach.

So that was my vacation, happy days.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

South of Spain (poem)

Here in the South of Spain…..
people lazy with no pain nor gain
people, peoples, lots of them
sunshine in the sea of mayhem
of, humanity good before we
return to reality and uupps there
comes gravity, but for now in the South of Spain….
Disconnect, no indirect
happy here happy there
up until next Monday where
there will be no sunshine
a glimmer but not big machine
of sunshine

For now,
beaches here
mountains there
girls….aaaa, sight of relief
they too come here for that,
relief, so, I can do a bit of mischief
as a good host I´m here to greet them
with lots of tear, tears of laughter
and….can´t say much as such, I´m the rafter!
Up to the golden mountains so hot,
Down to the sandy beaches so soft,
dip da da dip we swim to the golden ship
Come on! It´s the South of Spain shit!

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Angels of death(poem)

*just talking from the Spanish perspective certainly doesn´t happen to the American soldiers*

Society cast them aside
but they don´t care they take it with pride

Society hate the job, they think they are nuts
which in many cases you do need some mentality of suchs.

Society protesting their job, they just shrug and some think
what are they protesting for they are not going there,
they´re staying here not there
as it should be sitting in their comfy chair
they don´t need to know the real despair

Society screams at the politicians,
screams of agony
so the don´t go into that irony

They just laugh and shrug and say nothing
is non of their concerning
they just focus on one another
watching out for each other

They are cast apart
since like it or not somebody has to to that part

Society doesn´t think of them day to day
and it should be that way
But at the end of the day,
when the shit hit´s the fan
thing go bang!
bullets going zing zing
doing their thing

Society like them or not
they have no choice but to call them up.

And like angels they descend
like bastards they have to pretend to achieve the end
to terminate the threat and death is of no regret.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.