Sunday stroll with Charly(photos)

Alright! Stop yelling at me, I know it´s Tuesday but I couldn’t get the photos
uploaded until today, here it goes Carolina and stop nagging at me. Cruel creature…

I woke up and first thing got my new I phone 35
I saw a bit of T.V, real hardcore news on my great pjs? just a mix…
I looked out the balcony and the coast was clear of killers
I went out running
If you have a magnifying glass you can see what here we call “tenderetes” on the balconies,
you just hang the clothes there to dry
This one is just the one we have in the little patio and the only one (mom is smart)of
the whole high-rise of 3 stories our “tenderete” if you will or just a rope

Walked down the road
This freaking town is build on a mountain, so walking down is great walking back up…not cool.
Got to a park, it was a great sunny day, kids playing evil monsters really
I asked a guy to pose for me, shit there was hot girls.. just kids, old people, parents…
Nice dog, and nice guy, we chatted
a bit and out he went and I was left yet alone reading a book and looking at my…
I get great ideas for my writing
looking at my feet.
Then up the hill passing my church
got home everything quite
I was exhausted and had gotten rid of a lot of pounds so I just laid in bed to rest

I sleep in that bed my ill mother in the one next to it, in several occasions we had to literally hear
her screaming and go to her room, so we figured (me and dad) I would be the one sleeping in the same
room so he gets his good hours of sleep, since she wakes up a lot during the night, and in case
something happens up we go to the hospital. Actually right next to the door I have a backpack
with a couple of t-shirt, cleaning things, shorts, the rest just in case we have to go to the
hospital and stay there.

So that was my great Sunday sunny stroll. Hope you enjoy the “great” photography, it is a beautiful
town, with normal people, not like the one I live in. Normal people… at least not full of criminals.
Enjoyed the stroll and sitting in the park and reading, nice day.

Fiber Optic installed…..back on line! The oddysey

This is quite cool actually, it has taken them for what has seemed an eternity to install this crap but right now I hit “click” and before I blink an eye, bam! I´m already in the next page. But in order to get here we must have been out of internet for 4 days, I actually had to use the screwed up computers from the internet cafes in my shitty town. Which one, are not the best places to go too, people wise that is,  kind of scary if you don´t know the situation, and second the computers are more screwed up than this one I´m writing from at cool 10-8 a.m in the morning. Plus  getting  there is a pain in the neck, getting to my town that is. Have to walk 2 miles to the bus stop spend 1 euro and 30 cents that would around 2 $, to travel a distance of 2.5 miles, basically the same distance I cover in foot to get into the bus stop at first to then get into a dingy screwed up full of dope selling Marrocans  with their computers and pay them almost 2$ to use the net for an hour and during that hour not that I can read too many blogs considering they are screaming God knows what between them and second I eventually start getting into a screaming match with one of them since their fucking computers are doing the yo you dance on me. So I spend quite a lot of money in transportation, no counting the 2 miles I have to walk with my screwed up body which seems I´ve walked 200 and now that I get internet……….yeeeeeehhaaaaa! Amazing what technology does to you. I though I was a troglodyte when it came to internet social media and then I found myself quite pissed off for not being able to have it.

Odyssey I day, I won´t even start with this idiots of the fiber optic, I´ll just say that here, as usually with everything they do. By here I mean the great country of Spain, the country of no hurries and definitely no worries, take all the time boys, not that we use the computers just to watch porn, nope, we actually have to get into on and use it for writing, forget about internet, just the writing thing. There is also the old school of pen and paper which I had to revert too but I broke a fingernail in the process. Plus this idiots if they say they will come at 11 a.m you can expect them to swing by at 2 p.m when the food is already on the table and happy family is eating lunch so up you go and now you have to leave the food there for the flies to have a party with and hear this idiots talking a lot and not doing anything productive. Not their fault, sort off, but  this guys just install the cables, now if the cables don´t have power what is their fault? So why send them in the first freaking place before the “central” people know they have power? Idiots, and this has happened to thousands of people. The same problem we are having. Now it seems to run quick as hell, but first they told us we would have this by first of August and what date is it today……almost October damn idiots. So they come at strange hours of the day, like for example yesterday at 9 p.m while again we where having dinner, and eventually it was the wizzard of my father with no formal education, a self made man in all the senses of the word. Who got this shit up and running. This guy was like a mean nasty dog that won´t let go of the bone. The poor man stayed for 3 days calling up this people, calling even the secretary of the telephone company. Yep, he knows the director, he knows quite a lot of important people so I have no idea how he can look at me and think “Thank God my kid turned out this well”, which he actually doesn´t but that´s another story. So this guy spend 3 days and almost 3 nights calling, talking to the “install” guys, shouting at them of course but at the end of the day about 3/4 of the people that live by hear still don´t have this fiber optic up and running because what are “normal” people going to do when the computer geeks show up at your house and tell you as they did with us, that the reason was that our computers where outdated….fuck you out dated, you had to see the computer geek, the so called know every chip that´s inside of this, talking and my father eventually had to cut him off and me in the background about to choke this idiot, and tell him that all the systems this kid was talking about, since he must have been 20 something,cool thing in the middle of the conversation his girlfriend calls and she doesn´t believe this guy is working so this guy has to pass his cell phone to another co worker so this stupid nut case of girlfriend would believe the kid….had quite some experience with that, so there you go the professionalism and you had to see the face of my father I actually started thinking of digging a grave in the back yard just in case my old man killed this kid and we needed to dispose of the body quickly.

Anyhow, my father stops the  guy and says have you realises this is a Mackintosh and your talking to me about PC….fucking kidding me, first check out what type of computers are in each house and then you might start selling us all this fiber optic shit, so at 10 p.m after some other phone calls by daddy paddy here, and him actually giving lessons out to the so called technicians or what I was asking myself, we got it. Everybody in the house pissed off expect my two dogs who don´t really care too much about internet and strange people coming and going into the house at strange hours disrupting everything and not accomplishing anything,


Now go figure how by inbox is filled with past post, probably more than 1000, and in between there might be emails and probably I´ll delete them without even knowing since going through 1000 post is good to be back and reading people but 1000 it is a bit too much, plus I don´t have the time. They should make the day have more hours though, don´t know who to talk about that……I´ll figure it out, since here in Spain either you do it yourself or you´re screwed. We even have 8 major airports that are with no planes and no people, why? Because the stupid politicians apart from spending huge amounts of money for the so called “infrastructure” they forgot to take in to their little minds the private sector and what airplanes could fill this airport or that one and hire how many people e.t.c. BY the way, they where socialist the brilliant minds that came with this idea. So no wonder the country is not only going it already is in a hell in a handbag. If I said that right that is.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses, be stalking you soon.