Trents weekly smile

Weekly Smile!

I have a blessed family and a cool dog that is also my editor. Usually on the weekends I go
to my parents house and spend some time there. Is great since I’m not freezing my behind like
in the house I live in and ofcourse the meals…family, friends of family, and the cool bulldog.
As I said my editordscn2911
As you can see she is reading every line and if I mess up just one comma she barks at me,
and bites me on the foot. It’s just a relaxing place overall before the storm comes on

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Weekly smile


images-1 Good relationship with family-check
images I can pay for a roof over my head- check
images-3 I have food on the table-check
images-5 Haven´t had a drink in 10 days-check
images-4 The little money I have left after paying for the roof over my head the food and bills I use it…for cigarettes!!-check
DSCN2821 My cool new friend- check
images I have cirrosis,bad pancreas,blood clutters, but….
I´m ALIVE-check

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Yo! I´m smiling here

So here is the conversation:

Ring riiiiiiiing! Then I jump almost 10 feet in the air
Damn! I have to change this stupid ring tone and might
as well save some money to get a 21st century phone,
this ring tone is gonna give me a heart attack.
“Hi mom, congratulations?”
“Yes, congratulations.”
“O.K… what did you smoke this morning?”
“Me nothing, but you….it´s your birthday idiot.”

(In spain instead of saying happy birthday we often say
felicidades, we say both but felicidades is what is most common)

So it didn´t registered at all, I completely forgot that I made
it to be 34. Go figure that one out.
So there is my weekly smile.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

weekly smile

Prompt by:

Why is this dude smiling?yo pa kruti

You can´t really tell I´m smiling
cause I´m not, neither I´m crying
So that is “the park”(one of them anyways)
were there are no ducks that quack
And I haven´t set a foot there
for a long time and I have more time to spare
Not the best of places
only criminals giving you their graces.

So I smile!! Two weeks, Two weeks!
without any drinks
Staying sober
so I don´t become that ogre
One day at a time
hopefully this time
yet again
will be a long lasting train, healthy ride
to say a long good by to the alcohol high.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Weekly smile!

Mr. Trent, this is why I smile today:

If you forget where you came from
you got a wrong norm
The family values installed
into my skull
I do sometimes forget
then I regret
I should never forget or be too much of a defect
that life long bet
And that is why I smile
to not do anything wild

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.