true crime story

The accountant(flash fiction)

He was counting, that was his job.
“Hey Joey!” He screamed.
“2 multiplied by number pie is what?”
Joey had a grin on his fat face,”I guess…Infinite.”
The accountant nodded to himself, his black eyes where now more bright than his dark suit.
Suddenly they heard a loud bang on the door followed by the words FBI and to get down,
the accountant and Fat Joey Salerno got on their bellies.
When they reached the FBI headquarters downtown New York the accountant first words were,
“Fellas, I count the money given to me by decent people.”
The FBI man looked at him and replied, ” decent to help your cronies with the heist?”
“What heist? You got me doing a heist? I count, I´m a simple accountant.”
Two hours later the accountant walked out free while Fat Joey sat in a holding cell,
another day in the job of the accountant, another day free, twenty years at his job
and twenty years of freedom and riches. Nobody knew where the money had gone,so many
accounts in so many banks so many transactions and so much deceit, deceit was the trade of the accountant.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Say No to wassap!!

New technologies are great, we are in the information age,
but…. what is with the wassap?!!!
Yesterday I was eating in a restaurant-see? can you believe?
I have status, high end, point being is that I could afford it,
and right next to me there is a couple that are sitting two feet
from each other and each of them texting in the wassap, what the fuck?
Actually with so called friends your talking to them and they are wassaping,
texting, so I go quite and about a minute of quietness, the guy turns to me
and says “Why are you so quite?”, me “Why are you texting and not listening,when
I’m telling you the most great thing in the world”. He laughs. Is no laughter,
and then I go in the bus, the guy behind me sending messages and I can hear
every time he punches a key, “blip blip….blip blip” and then when he sends it
“whooosh” those are the noises that I had to endure until after 30 minutes
I turn around and scream at him “Would you fucking put that shit in silence mode!!”
And to my surprise it’s this guy is built as brick wall, so I added “please”,
and tried to put a baby face.

NO to wassap is going to be my next campaign to save humanity. People have to be
in touch but talking face to face, why do you think countries have diplomats?
I don’t think they are sitting in the same room while they’re wassaping each other.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.