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I´m going serious(violence against women)

My great “ex-girfirend”, according to her words in my fathers Facebook,
she did proclaim it pretty outloud being my ·girlfriend”, plus trying to screw me in social media,
it is out there. I have nothing to hide for better or worst.
She is not the only one.
I do take it serious, yet again might laugh at it.

Simple reason to take it as a joke is because I know who I am and have done the right things.
(Not always obviously but certainly nothing of what she accuses me)

Now she sends me messages to the phone telling me that this post or that other post
or whatever other social media plus the phone… she seems like a hacker really,
the last messages was about, let me remind me… “I will fuck you up”, her words.

Spain is the only country in the E.U that built courts for “Violencia Machista”.
In English it is “violence against women”, I think is great actually, but some
women will use it to hurt you.

I am not the only one by the way.

If this person thinks that my posts in wordpress is about her, NO is the answer.
I just write crazy things in my creative mind.
She and more, will read this…. so what did I do wrong then?
Fuck you pieces of shit, I´m doing what I´m doing, you do what you do.
Not productive in my mind to wake up and think how in her or others world could add into yourself,
screw people up.

It is not in my brain, I prefer to wake up and see how I can improve myself
and that is my creativity in writing.

That is my testimony in public and the truth.

Now, she seems she wants to scare me so fuck that. Bring on the justice if there left some here in Spain.
But knowing a little, might as well put it in public just in case.