Send the dog of war (video)

I think this guy is the Trump card. Attorney General Mr.Barr.
You want the attack dog on your side? Unleash this one.
Not talking about politics, you can agree or not, just the human behaviour.
Loyalty, moral compass in the right direction overall, leadership,
and the so called independent journalist Mr. Wolf Blitzer of CNN gets verbally destroyed.
When Mr. Blitzer asked him the first question, the guy actually played dummy and
asked him back if he could repeat the question, plus his gestures, priceless.
I want that guy on my team for sure.

Going rogue

Testing, atention please, I do have to write but not read you.
People are blue, screw the screw have to write in public
and be honest or dishonest, whatever comes hit you me you,
going nuts then hit the restart, I can be that smart,
how many people will I read but not for a two days or one week days,
you better read me and forgive me. It´s my adrenaline…or not,
I just say to my dismay this:

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

my take on trump

My take on it I´ll make it quick.

Watching in the internet FOX NEWS(evil),
he has the personality,a message that will stick to his base,and some.
He will win 2020. That is for me to say that against all the other ” political experts”
that I will be right 60%. He says outloud what I think
in the comforts of my living room,
apart from the 80+ year old man that was installing the electrical cords
in my mother house and me not trying to laugh while he was explaining himself,
“too many marrocans in Spain”.
Trump, he says outloud everything for people to hear, that is not normal politics,
but it resonates with his base. And that base is quite a lot.
Not only my marrocan comparison, got it? He is a fighter, people love that
who wouldn´t, impeach him? na, through shit at him? yep, but it doesn´t stick.
How is your economy stupid? Said by Billy the Bill Clinton. Pretty good.

Argue with me, I did in Saaaaan Francisco! Got too many A´s in philosophy.
I made my point quick.I did had to put a bit of thought to write this, your welcome.
Now me…..drink cocacola.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

5 a.m news

I can´t sleep, so I´ll write a hit….thinking
even in Spain we live in the “Trump world”
so we swireld,
I will bet you, whatever are my political inclinations,
damn, I should be the one running nations
I bet he wins 2020, I can tell my view point as to why,
but then this would be a ” by by”

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

trump,charly´s view in 175 words.

A player. How the fuck he managed to get the North Korean Dictator to let him cross ¨the line¨?
The DMZ that is. Trump´s father told him, ¨you áre a millionaire¨. Trump said, ¨A millionaire?
you are fucked up dad, I will go where you never went, Manhattan, and be a Billionaire¨.
I predict this, and listen as if I´m GOD, the little idiot of North Korea is going to keep on
doing his own crazy thing, launch a missle her and there, atom bomb you have it, proclaim it,
The ¨T¨for Trumping. Good move this one. Flexing muscles, for the cameras and the perception of people.
Got the last part? Perception…… and that is one key.
Talking about key, If I walk out the front door I have no fucking clue how will I return, since
I have no keys, cell phone also fucked up, doesn´t work, and… familly pissed off, and….
Trump the player, I think he is playing it good, he did get the Mexicans to move their ass.To name one.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

black power!-video

It also happens here in Spain, for me is not new
they should make a paperview of these idiots communist
they are not even cool in my strange crazy list.

Black power and fucked up hateful white idiot
sorry, I just spilled some snot.
I just like once in a while to put up these things,
it´s a different vision you rarely see in your television.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

I love trump

Sorry. that was one of my ex girlfriends, what is wrong with you women?!!!!
If I was a woman I would pay to be with me. She is sexy though. True by the way.

I love Trump
I saw him pushing and aunt

I love…love?
Good in the DOF, or department of defense
And he build a big fence
A player
He is the mayor
Smart hardworking
And he doesn´t do the smoking
He does deals that are choking

That´s it, I won´t go into my personal politics. Hope you read a fun!!
You, and you punk……sorry Little sister I thought there was a skunk.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

One of trump supporters…..

“In this dark time of too-few heroes” That’s how the article of one blogger started, I won’t even give his link,since when he or she writes poetry I actually like the poetry. This blogger goes on to tell the story of her name a 50 plus year old woman, has numerous university degrees and calling her a hero.
Forget about the people who serve in the military,police,firefighters,people who serve in charitable events and help the helpless,even those pacifist that I find their work pointless but at least they walk the talk and put themselves in danger going to dangerous countries,teachers, and I can go on and on but.. nope the hero is a 50 plus year old biker in a free country giving the finger to POTUS, great hero,try to do that in Iran, lets see where she ends up, and great way to teach her children how to react when they don’t agree with others.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Trump is from the…hood.

These guys are no idiots,nor came from riches, if you get to were they at, you
have to be doing something right. They actually say what quite a lot of people
say in their living rooms when they are not in public. And it takes guts to do
so. So is….. gangsta Trump!
By the way all comments, since I know it’s a touchy subject, will be answered.
So please comment….or not.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.