What you gonna do?

Mr. Brazil Brazil what you gonna do what you gonna do?
When we come for you.
You tried
You lied
You failed
You might end up back jailed
We have you monitored
You are exposing your contacts
Leaving them exposed
For us to impose
If need be
The law of retaliation
You don’t know the extent of what my circle
Can do against you
If you even think to pass the line blue
You really don’t know the extent
But good criminal intent
You have
Hence you and your cronies are observed

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Foot Note. This is dedicated to my former Brazilian roommate,
who is a petty drug dealer weleer, a punk, telling me he spent 10 years in prison
for killing a guy, might be true, doesn’t scare me personally I have dealt with worst.
He wanted to kick me out of the room I rent, he couldn’t, he failed, he got with
one of my ex girlfriend (that one is a freak a nut job) so both of them are
made for each other and they are dangerous. Yesterday after receiving a phone call
from this nutcase of ex, who actually pulled a knife on me in one of her “moments”,
this Brazilian guy wanted to get incharge of the house I rent the room in and let this
ex girlfriend who is a whore there is no other word for it, to move in, since she´s
also living in a house that is for whores that is why there is no other name for her,
so take her to this apartment, kick me out and use my room. As I said in the comment,
he is small potatoes compared to the power I can bring on him. I got the phone called
of the ex, which I didn’t pick up the phone, later on checked my blog and went to stats
and see 183 entrances in one day from Brazil. I know my ex bitch girlfriend gave him
my blog, the name of my parents since he told me out of the blue one day. To his dismay,
he recalibrated and saw that it was in his best interest not to mess with me. So out
went his plans of kicking me out of the house so he moved out to keep on with his constant
party, and fucking my little ex whore girlfriend. So that’s fine, they know who my parents
are and he obviously sent the blog to Brazil to his other not so nice friends, to say the
least. Having the family I have threats against us has always been present and not by some
little thugs like this, but by Terrorist groups, and the Socialist government. Hence the
protection. This idiot really doesn´ñ know who he truly is dealing with.
Fucking long footnote…. I chose another path than my father obviously, but I can´t
change I was born into this family with great power. Now back to taking care of mom
and reading you all.

the spy

I would be terrible at that job.So here goes, daddy told me, seems it was his un-perfomance.
HE said, ” you don´t leave it” or something to that effect. Point… you never leave that
world. Just dad, nice man by the way. I know.. me dummy, HIM not a funny. No wonder by the way

the truth will set you free

If you are doing something wrong and somebody tells you is wrong, it´s hard to swallow that truth pill.

Yet if someone goes along with your bullshit, it makes you feel fine, or at least it validates the wrong.

For me personally, I prefer when somebody tells me the truth that I´m fucking up my life and the life of others, hard pill to swallow but if you get the right mindset, then you can ride that mountain.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.