us army

fuck hearts and minds, truth

Going to keep it short, not the brightest I know me, In army I thougt,
don´t tell my mother that. Here goes the video if you want to watch it.
3:34 am… I´m watching too much of this…..normal people bore me, even the
drug selling guys bores me,that is why I want a fight, they see me and pass…even the other kid idiot,
which his friend stabbed me, bored, also the hores, just making friends

Stay Frosty gents and getesses.


Mercenary is according to the Harvard dictionary a person that goes to combat in return of money¨¨


Yes, that is the only photo I have in the computer of the army, in cool cold afghanishit.
So all the people that are in the armed forces are mercenaries,
I didn´t work for love and country, I worked for a paycheck,
plus the guys, so all countries have mercenaries.

Stqy Frosty gents and gentesses.

Again….watching videos of the army

Is not so much the video really, it’s the songs that they play during the
the video, so I just get into the internet and listen to the songs, wich
wich lead me to this. I also watch a bunch of porn. It’s healthy!
I guess there are people from all walks of life, I know.
But why in the world would you pose as a military guy? I was laughing
watching this. The idea to write this was not about the videos, it was a fellow blogger
that read one of my old post “ordinary soldier”, I think it was the title so gonna search…
her is the link
that’s what made me write
about these nut cases, while I was watching these videos and I decided to post one of my rants
Quite entertaining really.

But why in the world would you pose as a soldier? I have no clue.
But, I never thought about people doing that, but it seems is quite easy
to spot a fake. Even from boot camp there in the U.S and here in Spain,
you tight your boots in a certain way, you do have a specific belt,
your militayr ID, the patches, and…………………………..
I can go on and on, but point being if you actually watch that video,
it’s real easy to spot one of these fakes. I should add.. it only happens
in the U.S. Here in Spain we are actually scared to go out in uniform in
public since most people either don’t care or just despise us. Gotta understand
we came from a fascist dictator so the armed forces are not look upon very
highly. In most cases.

But it was fun to see this. And today….yeeeeeeeeeeeeha! I have a date with
a “normal” girl, lets see how it goes. FOrgot here is the video, since if I
start typing away I end up in Alaska with my thoughts.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses.

Us army

If you wish and shall go to minute 14.10 to 16.21 and the guy got it right,
because we are heroes… and is just us, the humans who worked in that profession, heeeeeeeeeero!
Just trying to humanize these people, I know them, I was one of them, heroooooes, eventually they
make at least in the U.S when they are celebrating some kind of thing, all good in my mind,
and I’m probably talking to the wrong audience, but I see the word hero too much,
you do what you do to do what you have trained to do, you do? Fuck you all, listen to that
shit, was funny at least for me.

Stay Frosty gents and gentesses,